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(Tweaks) Working reverse tether for Galaxy Y

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Working reverse tether....use your home PC's internet connection for ur galaxy y.
you can use usb cable for the connection. This is great when you really to use the internet using our galaxy y and we don't have any data connection due to insufficient balance on our phone. We can use our computer's instead.

Just download the files below and follow the steps.

(Tweaks) Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy Y with DDLA1 Official Global Gingerbread update

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Galaxy y Extracted files DDLA1

(Games) Fast and Furious Adrenaline HD : Well.. have fun!

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Use chainfire if game lags.

The ultimate chapter of Fast and Furious takes you to LA to defend you turf and conquer territories by winning underground street races! This is the only official mobile game of the ultimate chapter from the Fast and Furious franchise

Fast and Furious Adrenaline

(Apps) Bottle Shot : Hit with your best shot

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Enjoy this on your Galaxy Y!!
Bottle Shoot ANDROID Game
Do you like shooting and broken glass sound ? Blast bottles, play mini-games, and compete all over the World !
The 3D effect in the game are very cool!

Bottle Shot

To all who want to download ROMs

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       This is just to inform that to those who wanted to download ROMs and selected apps or games, please take the survey first that pops out when you click the download link. This is not to annoy, but to keep supporting the financial requirements to run the site.

      Hoping for your support on this.

julie duran
Admin iPlayGalaxyY

(Apps) Liberty Toolbox PRO : Need tools to Improve performance?

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This is a paid app you can download here for free for you Galaxy y, please take a survey before downloading. Thanks for the support.

Liberty Toolbox PRO

This Pro Version includes better app management, access to more of Liberty Customizer, more tweaks hacks and everything to make your phone truly yours included a ROM Manager to easily update Liberty and download the ROM, themes and extras. Support Liberty and donate through getting these extra features.

(Games) Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) : Completed 2011 version? here's 2012 for you!

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Ever finished the PES 2011 version? If not here's the 2012 version for you! This is a 3D game and a paid app.
If you experience lags and registration issues, download on this site "lucky patcher : to remove license verification" and "Chainfire 3D" to remove lags.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has revived the series with the most advanced set of improved gameplay additions, control options and get real-life development of football.

PES 2012 will release a demo in IOS, Android, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PC, Windows Phone 7 Konami Digital Entertainment has to come first week of November for PES 2012 PC demo platform.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

(Games) Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES 2011 HD) : Play Soccer on your Galaxy Y

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This is the PES 2011 game for android devices. If experiencing any lags please use chainfire 3D( download also on this site).

This game may require additional data download. May also have registration issues, just use lucky patcher!

The unrivalled and award-winning football simulation is entering its first season on the Android platform!
Immerse yourself in unprecedented football atmosphere and the true PES experience with PES 2011.

 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011  Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

(Apps) n64 emulator for Android Devices : Play Nintendo 64 games!!

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Ever Dreamed of playing those old classy nintendo 64 games? It's really possible now since it has already been moded to run on android! Download this app to be able to emulate nintendo 64 on your galaxy y.

n64 emulator

(Apps) Ultimate Guitar Tab PRO : Unleash the Rocker in you

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This is the Paid Version, it plays the tab for you!!!!

Ultimate Guitar's Tab Pro application for Android combines all the benefits of tried-and-true musical tablature with the most advanced interactive technology!

Whether you want to master a classic rock riff or play along with the chords from a Billboard chart topper, Tab Pro makes it a breeze with its sleek audio and visual layouts. Over 100,000 songs are available at your fingertips in Tab Pro's extensive database, with options available for players of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Ultimate Guitar Tab PRO

(Games) NBA jam from EA sports!! play NBA on your Galaxy Y

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Experiencing lags, download chainfire 3d PRO. This game is HD

The Hit game from iOS is here on Android!!
Jam with all 30 NBA teams and your favorite NBA stars! Unlock legends from the classic arcade era like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Dr. J, Scott Skiles, Karl Malone, Detlef Schrempf, and Danny Manning – plus some secret players you can only get on iOS. Open up outrageous cheats, too. And if you can’t wait to go big, all the unlocks are available for instant purchase and download in the JAM store!

NBA jam

(Apps) Hide it Pro : Very useful app to hide things

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One of the most top rated encryption tools on the market today. You can download this app here on iplaygalaxyy for free! This is really one useful app if you really want to make your files secure.

This app features many things:
- hide pics/videos
- encrypt documents
- hide apps
- block/hide text messages and calls (needs another plugin)
- works as file manager
- has browser that you can use to download youtube.
- built in video player
- more cool things to discover!!

Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro

New Antutu Benchmark Top Phone!!

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News has reached iplaygalaxyy

Ever since, the Transformer Prime has been the fastest device on the Antutu Benchmark list. But on May 3 2012, leaks about a new device has really confirmed that the transformer prime is not the Top device anymore after customization.

transformer prime

transformer prime

(Apps) Antutu Benchmark : See how your phone stats are after customizing..

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One way of knowing how good your device happened to be is to benchmark it. This is one tool that you can really find useful since you will be able to know if your doing any good or worse in installing tweaks.
See terms and Conditions please. This is for Galaxy Y

AnTuTu System Benchmark by AnTuTu is Android benchmarking tool.

It can run a full test of a key project, through the “Memory Performance”,”CPU Integer Performance”,”CPU Floating point Performance”,”2D 3D Graphics Performance”,”SD card reading/writing speed”,”Database IO” performance testing on the mobile phone Performance of the hardware to make score.

Antutu BenchmarkAntutu Benchmark

Floyd Mayweather vs Cotto 2012

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Posted the video of the fight that took place on May 2012. Mayweather vs Cotto. See the exciting fight as it unfolds and experience the thrill of watching two of the greatest fighters of all time!

Have time to take a look!! or just click on read more


(Bootanimation) Nokia bootanimation with sound for Galaxy Y

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You can install this bootanimation by just flashing it using CWM (See how on tweaks page)

Nokia is a very popular brand in Asia and in the US. If you miss the nokia classic logo startup with sounds, you can therefore have this zip.file. Enjoy nokia on andriod galaxy y!!

(Theme) iPhone 4s theme for Galaxy Y

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Want to make your galaxy y look like and iphone 4s? This is the real thing. Just download the APK file below and no need to install any launchers!.

iphone 4s theme on galaxy y

Please leave comments if you like this theme?

(Theme) ICS themed lidroid toggles : Change your notification to ICS

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This is an updated theme to change the notification on galaxy y to ICS. Just follow the steps and see results below.

ICS themed lidroid togglesICS themed lidroid toggles

(tweaks) If ever you experience "stuck on boot logo" use this kernels

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If Ever Problem Occurs when doing modifications on your galaxy y, Just Flash Back To These Kernels using odin v1.84 which is available here


This is really important that you follow the steps.
Just put browse the file on PDA field and leave other options blank!!

(ROM) MySs-V3.4

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Feature Base on LA1: 2.3.6
Root- SU
Bloatware Removed
BusyBox Support
Init.d Support
Custom Boot Animation Added
Add turn off 3g on the notification bar
MIUI Music Player
DSP Manager
Remove most of the app is not necessary
CWM manager (can go into reboot, recovery ....)
long battery

(Apps) Proximity Screen off : turn your screen off using proximity sensor on you galaxy y

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Ever dreamed of finding an easy way to turn your galaxy y screen off without pressing the power button? Well here's an app for you! This is called proximity screen off. This will have benefits that you will really like:
a. ability to turn phone off when using your bluetooth headset device. Since some phone's don't automatically turn the screen off when on the call and may lead to call hang ups.
b. Also protect from accidentally answering a call.
c. Ability to save the hardware power off button since lots of it gets damaged due to excessive usage.
b. Easy to use!

Proximity Screen off

(Apps) Holo (ICS) launcher beta 5 : Best launcher there is and highly customable

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One of the best launcher there is!! Try it on your android galaxy y.

Full ICS Style
ICS Icons, Folders, Outlines, Drawer Tabs, etc.
Custom Desktop Pages/Grid
Up to 9 desktop pages and 10 x 10 grid.

Holo (ICS) launcher beta 5

Videos tab is currently under construction

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Will be posting videos soon on iplaygalaxyy. This videos will come assorted, since this videos are taken using galaxy y. Please stand-by. Since I am currently working as a call center agent, I somehow find it hard to divert my time. Maybe it will be working this week. And we are also open for reciprocal links submissions. Just go to contact us page.

Thanks for the support,

Julie Duran
iPlayGalaxy Admin

iPlayGalaxyY now has a FORUM page to answer all your questions

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I have made the Forum page to allow our viewers to interact with us. This is very useful if you have questions about your galaxy y phone or about it's operating system.

iPlayGalaxyY now has a FORUM page

(Tweaks) Java script for Galaxy Y : here is the script so that you can use java on your android phone

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how to install java on sgy 
steps stated below. just flash

Java script for Galaxy Y

(Themes) Pure MIUI Icon theme for Galaxy y

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A very light and simple MIUI theme for your galaxy y. Just use CWM (see on tweaks page) and flash

 Pure MIUI Icon theme for Galaxy y

(Themes) Glass Icon Theme

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Im posting these simple themes for your galaxy y. Just use CWM

Glass Icon Theme for galaxy yGlass Icon Theme for galaxy y

(themes) Galaxy SIII Icons for galaxy y! who says you can't make your phone look like galaxy s3?

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The pack contains 5 Wallpapers, 1 LWP and Icons from Stock Galaxy SIII

You will need to download holo launcher or good clone launcher to be able to use this.

(ROM) Ultimate ROM M.U.R beta for Galaxy y

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Please take survey before downloading
M.u.r[tester only]

Let's talk about the rom
-based on dxlb1
-based icon from ICS circle nexus
-new statbar ui
-lidroid toggle added
-support swap
-swipe to remove added
-ics style setting
-built in 2launcher(samsunghome with 5dock,and holo launcher beta 3)
-a2sd supported(needfix)

American Idol Season 11 Results!

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The results are finally up, everyone wants to know who won, and so here it is.. only here on iplaygalaxyy.

American Idol Season 11 Results!

Was Watching American Idol Season 11 Finale this morning and the result were up!

(Apps) Galaxy Toolbox - Network unlock, custom bin reset BETA

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This is only a beta app, not final. Install at your own risk.

Possible compatible devices:
GT-S5570I (confirmed: unlock and resetbin works)
GT-S5839I (confirmed: unlock works)

This is the GUI of all the reset features devs are developing for galaxy y. Instead off going through all the codes and headaches, just run this.

Current features:

- save backup of /dev/bml15
- restore /dev/bml15
- unlock all four kind of locks:
------network lock
------subnetwork lock
------SP lock
------CP lock
- reset Custom binary download counter to zero

Galaxy ToolboxGalaxy Toolbox

(ROM) ChobitsDIGITALISV2 Reloaded ROM

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What's in it: Take the quick survey first before download. thanks

+ Stable, Fast, Rock Solid
+ Comes with Stock-like Kernel with init.d support
+ Compatible with Merruk's Kernels
+ Compatible with All Basebands
+ Deodexed; Reindexed
+ Zipaligned; Batch Optimized
+ Chobits Revamped UI; Skinned Apps
+ Chobits Launcher powered by GOL
+ Superuser Access; Busybox Support
+ Full Support for Init.d scripts
+ Google Music; Skinned Gingerbread Keyboard; Swype
+ Bass/Treble Enhanced Sound
+ Random Boot Animation
+ 14 Toggles by lidroid rom

ChobitsDIGITALISV2 Reloaded ROM

+ Lag Fix / Equalizers Force Close Fix
+ Chobits NitroSpeed Applied(no need to add tweaks eg. V6supercharger,st@matis, adrenaline, etc.)
+ Kernel, 3g, wifi, net, memory, battery, etc. tweak integration
+ Swipe to Remove Implementation
+ Multilanguage Support
+ Wifi Fix / Global GPS Boost
+ Built-in Ads Blocker
+ Fonts Pre-installed
+ New Google Play Store; Google Search Updates
+ Full Bravia Engine Port; Fix Xloud; Beats Integration
+ UI optimized; New Lockscreen by Milocker(more to come!)
+ Addon Important Apps (see more inside!)

(tweaks) Armv7 Games, Is it possible for Galaxy y? (Editing Build.prop on Galaxy Y)

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The answer is yes! well its really pretty simple to do but you will need to remember that you can fool your device settings but you can't fool the phone itself. Why? We'll this tweak will allow you to play Armv7 games on your galaxy y, it surely will do. The downside is some Armv6 games that is installed or your planning to install will not work anymore (device not compatible issue). Please see terms and conditions.

I will guide you through the process of making impossible things possible. Here's how:

(Tweaks) How to locate your LOST phone (galaxy y)

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There are some issues that they lost their phone. Some of phones cannot be tracked. Our phone (GALAXY Y) has a GPS feature which can be track. Follow the steps that im going to show you.

(Apps) VoX Mobile VOIP : I'll give you code to get 60 min free international calling!!

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I will be posting about this limited offer that VOIP is giving out. This is all about the free 60 min international calling that you can get when registering an account with this app. Remember, This is a limited offer only!!

Imagine being able to call internationally for free? what are you waiting for, read more!!

Samsung Smart TV!! The future for television

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Smart TV from samsung is soon to be released in the Philippines and that is only 12 hours from now starting from the time I post this.

Welcoming the new revolution for television, this set really has the kicks to prove that it really has something that other tv from other companies are struggling to set.

(Tweaks) CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Y

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Well please see terms and conditions before doing this step
Thanks to dev for this wonderful MOD.
Please do follow instructions since its really critical when installing this

CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy YCyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Y

(Tweaks) ICS style Message app for Galaxy Y!!!

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 Want ICS message style for galaxy y? see this post and install
This is the moded message app ICS style for Galaxy Y
First download the zip file,then extract it,u will find a apk file.

 ICS style Message app

(Games) EVAC HD : thrilling!

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Overview: The only way out is the way through. Break out and take revenge!
Run for your life through colorful neon mazes, chased by countless and ever-vigilant security forces.

Evac HD, Brought to you by Hexage Ltd, the developer that brought you Robotek, Everlands HD and Radiant HD, is a game with the combination of action, arcade, puzzle and strategy genre, Evac HD guarantees you many hours of fun. Like another Hexage’s games, Evac HD has colorful and beautifully designed graphic. Evac HD features 24 unique levels with different twist each level, creative gameplay, online leaderboard support, signature soundtrack by kubatko, Social features like facebook sign on support, and more. Download Evac HD.Apk now and enjoy themeticolous levels. Evac HD is optimized for Tablet and high end devices with Froyo and later Android version.


 This game is running smoothly on galaxy y. I really am loving this game since it really has lovely graphics and no lags at all! You can download it here for free only on iplaygalaxyy

Hello iPlayGalaxyY!

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Hello, My names dondie

I am posting my very first post on since I have not posted since. I was the one responsible for several modes and cracks for this site since I was helping the admin. Currently working in a call center, i'm here now trying to develop this site.

Hoping for your continuous support for this site.


(Apps) Dynamic Paint Live Wallpaper

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Dynamic Paint Live Wallpaper lets you indulge your inner artist! Spray and splatter paint onto your home screen, and watch it run down the wall and react to its environment. Paint gathers in creases and runs down smooth surfaces as you watch!
Dynamic Paint Live Wallpaper

(Apps) Aquarium Live Wallpaper : Get it free here

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Aquarium Live Wallpaper puts tropical fish in the palm of your hand!
A 3D rendered live wallpaper background of a fish tank, with beautiful backgrounds and smooth motion. Double-tap to feed them! Triggerfish, clownfish, turtles, seahorses, jellyfish, lionfish, and more!
Customize up to 14 simultaneous fish, change plants, change backgrounds, select tank decorations, toggle the overhead light & bubbler! Use your own custom backgrounds, too!

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

(Apps) Gold clock Live wallpaper PRO : Simply amazing!!

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Spectacular live wallpaper of an antique golden clock mechanism dated back to the end of the XIX century.
Take a pick the way this priceless piece of art clock is constructed inside.

Gold clock Live wallpaper PRO v1.05 apk

(Games) Zip Zap v1.05 apk : really cool game!!!

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Play as space kids Zip and Zap, protecting their ship from an asteroid field. Armed with invincible energy shields, bash everything that moves to collect points and earn combos. Zip Zap is a challenging tap-to-move survival game with hours and hours of replay value. It’s addictive fun for all ages and any skill level.

Zip Zap v1.05 apk