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(Games) Race of Champions : Full 3D Knockout Game

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Welcome to the Race Of Champions (ROC) Official Game.
Grab your chance to race with the greatest champions of car racing in the official game of Race Of Champions event!

Race of Champions

In ROC, the thrilling knockout tournament, where the world's greatest drivers battle against each other, you can test your racing skills through a series of head-to-head races in identical cars on a parallel track.

(Games) Speed Forge 3D

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This is one of the promising games that seems to be stuck with no further updates as for the moment. Still giving this game a look since it is still quite interesting.

Speed Forge 3D

Hover your vehicle amidst obstacles and race your way to victory! Enjoy 3D game play and cool accelerometer racing!

(Games) Fireball : Slicing Game!

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Fireball is dangerous, cut the board small enough and extinguish the balls!


Fireball is a challenging and fun game. Use your finger to cut the board and do not separate the fireballs, delete the play-shape till reach target percent, and you’ll advance to the next one automatically.

(Games) Sky Force Reloaded : Shooter game

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The best mobile shooter is back with more levels, more graphics, more music and more ACTION! Each level gets more intense and challenging and with this new version you’ll get eight new levels to keep your pulse rate up.

Sky Force Reloaded

Enjoyed version one? Download it too, just search for it!. This is actually a follow up to the previous game with a much more harder difficulty.

(Games) Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles : Well?

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Nice HD game for you guys!
Race, stunt and fight your way across America on your motorcycle. Play as one of the Adrenaline Crew, sport bike, cop or chopper rider as you gain points completing stunts and finishing first!

Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles

From the #1 selling 'Adrenaline Crew' platinum motorcycle mayhem DVD series we come to you now as digital anarchy...

(Games) Zuma's Revenge : miss the game?

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Missing the popcap game that invaded the pc world? Well it's invading android too. He he. Here's the android version of Zuma's Revenge which you can play on your android device. Have fun!

Zuma's Revenge

Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land. Tame the jungle by firing stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls. Then take on tiki boss battles and guide your agile amphibian to victory!

(Games) Cordy: Amazung 3D game

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CORDY is the little robot with the big job - to power up his world! Help Cordy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, bounce, swing, and hover in this beautiful console-quality 3D puzzle platform game.


 Download now, and get ready to harness the power of pure fun!

(Games) Aftermath XHD : Survive the night!

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Story goes like this, you are along in an infested zombie city and you must do everything to actually survive the night. Which is not really easy if you're alone.

Aftermath XHD

So what's the news? Well, you can play this on your galaxy y since this game is already tested to work. As long as you have chainfire3d installed, this game should have no problems at all.

Announcement : Servers are up!!

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       You can now resume downloads since servers are up and running again!
Site is up and running

Thanks for supporting us,

Announcement: servers may be down

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There may be temporary errors when downloading files since servers are currently down. TAT is 24 hours. Just try back later. We really do apologize for the inconvenience.

Hoping for continued support,

(Games) Trial Xtreme : 3D motocross

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A physics game that allows you to control a motocross bike along obstacles. Serious frustration awaits you!

Trial Xtreme

Cool 3D graphics, play the game all day long. Interesting game for motocross fanatics all over the world. No need to worry about stunts, Just do your thing!

(Games) Earth and Legends : HD RPG game!

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The most advanced full-scaled multiplayer 3D RPG for Android has arrived in HD! The time has come to call for a hero. Join the battle in this epic RPG adventure delivered in stunning 3D

Earth and Legends

Playable on Galaxy Y and is not so laggy. Just follow the instructions below and enjoy the game. :-).

(Apps) Gameboid Gameboy Advance Emulator : Gameboy Advance on Galaxy y

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One of the interesting things about android is that you get to play games from other consoles. Here's one for gameboy advance which was a big hit on the 90's era.

Gameboid Gameboy Advance Emulator

Gameboy is probably the most played game console back on those days. Developed by nintendo, it was extremely popular that I missed a lot of lunches playing the game on free time.

(Games) Orniton Z : Space War 3D

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A Full 3D game for you!
One of the best games you'll ever play on your samsung phone. Enjoy the thrill!

Orniton Z

The galaxy is under attack and only your skills with the experimental ship Ornitron can save us! 

(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to make HD games working on galaxy y

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Everybody may seem to be wondering how to make some HD games work on the little samsung phone.

HD games working on galaxy y

Well here are some few steps to consider on how to do this. Since Galaxy Y has limited resources in regards to hardware, we need to compensate this by Changing or applying few tweaks manually. Please read terms and conditions before doing this.

(Apps) Inferno Galaxy Live Wallpaper

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This is a Live Wallpaper app that you can install on your Galaxy Y. This is really a good wallpaper from the other apps that you can get on the market today as it is really cool to watch.

Inferno Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Inferno Galaxy Features on your screen one selected a Galaxy Image which has an inferno effect. A cool theme if you want to make your cellphone look cool.

(Games) Grand Prix Story : One of the simpliest racing games!

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Grand Prix Story is a game developed by Kairosoft which is the best developers for 2D 8-biit games today. A cute game which mainly focuses on running a auto racing team. 

Grand Prix Story

Graphics are really not that great since it is 8-bit but you won't really notice the graphics if you really want to build your own racing team. With so much to do, this game really has the edge on other games.

(Themes) Android Wallpapers Collection : Cool Collection

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This is a cool wallpaper set with wallpapers that are really looking nice on galaxy y. Just feel free to download and set as your wallpaper.

Android Wallpapers Collection

Wallpapers are full of colors which is good it you want to make your samsung phone cool. Also made with great quality and clearer output.

(Games) Zenonia 4 unlimited zen Mod : Unlimited ZEN 9999999

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Still looking for the unlimited modded apk for Zenonia 4? I have the file guys and I am sharing this RPG game with you once more. This MOD will give you unlimited zen which you can use to purchase items within the game.

Zenonia 4 unlimited zen Mod

If you love RPG games so much then this is the game for you. Unique and cool effects. Nice story and game play. Easy controls and great sound effects. Funny characters... 

(Games) Bike Race : Do your Stunts using a bike!

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Bike game is one of the most downloaded physics game on android today. Nice and addictive, game has a lot to offer and has cool and fun controls.

Bike Race

One of the most amazing features on this game is the multiplayer mode. This is an added feature of the game where you can play two players. Use your tilt motions to control your bike speed and touch the screen to either accelerate or brake.

(Games) Advena : Legend of Raiders RPG Game

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Two kingdoms lived peacefully in the land of Peradin: the magic users of the Nabe Alliance, and the common folk of Tems. But one day a Sacred Tree lying between their borders was found mysteriously desecrated. The two sides blamed each other, eventually leading to all out war.

Advena : Legend of Raiders

Nabe struck first, but Tems was quick to answer. The forces of Nabe soon collapsed under the might of Tems, driving the Nabe King to seek the prophesized savior. And as foretold, a stranger from another world appeared in Nabe territory, with great powers and mystifying origins…

(PC tools) Hacking 101 : How to destroy a computer

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This is a script that you can do to run a prank or get revenge on your friend or enemy. I am not advising you to use this code incorrectly. This can be reverted by installing again the windows OS on the infected computer.

This will not delete any of the installed files or data files on the hard drive, but only the needed files for windows to run at start-up.

(Games) Ninja Guard : Cute defense game

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Ninja Guard is a defense game that you get to play on galaxy y. This game is really fun and addicting and has no lags whatsoever on you samsung device.

Ninja Guard

Game controls are of minimum difficulty so that means even a child can play this game. Graphics overall are average since you get to use some cool power-ups. Really one cool game that you won't regret playing.

(Games) Retired Wizard Story : MOD with unlimited daily gifts

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You get to play as a wizard this time. Long ago you were once a great wizard but decided to retire from your old job. One day you decided to go to a small farm and worked as a sheep herder. 

Retired Wizard Story

One day, you tried to play spells on your cute sheeps but something went wrong and the sheeps started acting weirder and weirder. Your job is to stop the sheeps from breaking out and escaping the farm before the owner gets back!!

(Games) Talking Ben The Dog

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Meet Talking Tom's best "friend" Ben!
Ben is a retired chemistry professor who likes his quiet comfortable life of eating, drinking and reading newspapers. 

Talking Ben The Dog

To make him responsive, you will have to bother him long enough that he will fold his newspaper. Then you can talk to him, poke or tickle him or even have a telephone conversation with him.

(Tweaks) How to Fix MD5 mismatch when restoring nanandroid backup

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We might encounter the MD5 Error when restoring a backup that may be not our own or just a backup file that may be corrupt. But if we really are sure that it is really a working backup file then we can use these simple process to try to by pass the error check.

Fix MD5 mismatch

MD5 errors are really important. But we can surely by pass this error. There are many reasons why these happens but usually the error appears when the backup folder name has been changed. 

(Games) X Construction : Bring out your skills in Bridge Making

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Master the Art of Bridge Building. This is a very hard game if you will take this seriously. One of the most interesting game for people who are fond of building puzzles.

X Construction

Game has simple concept, to build a stable bridge for your train to pass. This is really tricky since if you build a bridge that is not stable enough, you will surely loose and your train will tumble down the hill.

(Games) Moto X Mayhem : Motocross at it's best!

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IM BACK!! Julie here.. Finally my internet got resolved!!
Moto X Mayhem is a wild motocross game which has very good results for samsung devices. This is one of the most realistic and thrilling moto games of the year!! Grab one now and enjoy!

Moto X Mayhem

With simple graphics and complex game play that will surely fire up your weary hearts. If your a motocross addict then this is the game for you. Do your best stunts on the air with awesome or devastating results. Nice and smooth, one nice experience awaits you alL!

(Games) Warcraft 2 : Dark Saga on Galaxy Y

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 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness is a fantasy-themed real-time strategy (RTS) game published by Blizzard Entertainment and first released for DOS in 1995 and for Mac OS in 1996. The main game, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, earned enthusiastic reviews, won most of the major PC gaming awards in 1996, and sold over 2 million copies.

Warcraft 2 : Dark Saga

This game is made possible by using FPse Emulator or Playstation one emulator for Android. You Can now enjoy Playing this game on Galaxy y. This has been tested and proven.

(Bootanimation) GDboot Bootanimation

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A Clean and cool bootanimation for Galaxy Y. This is neatly made and is really nice to see on galaxy y once you start - up your samsung phone. 

For you to grab this bootanimation, you need to have basic knowledge on how to use root explorer. Your device must be rooted and you need to read terms and conditions before installing this.

(Games) Fruit Pirate 3D : Slice all Fruits!

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A Game simiar to fruit ninja in concept but much more easy to play and has lots of power - ups. This game is 3D in nature, nice graphics and sound. Every played fruit ninja? Try to play Fruit Pirate too!

Fruit Pirate 3D

Fruit Pirate is a nice game with simple features. Many players around the world are finding this game for samsung galaxy y very nice since it does not lag a lot like fruit ninja does. But to make sure just play the game using chainfire.

(Rom) CREEDsix Rom v2.5 DXLC1

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Kindly Read Terms and conditions before downloading. This is a another rom based on the original creed's rom of pratyush.creed with additional tweaks and few system apps. This is an updated version of CREEDsix v1.8.

CREEDsix Rom v2.5

Much of the rom still has basic ICS feel on it. With addidtional features combined from creed's 2.0 and 2.5 and according to dev, is made much better. You can test the rom yourself. When installing, just don't do data wipe or cache wipe. This is a cwm backup and not a flashable zip.

(Games) SoulCraft HD armv6

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With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans and keep the circle of life intact.

SoulCraft HD

SoulCraft lets you play as an angel, demon or human – it is up to you who will win this fight.

(Games) Ragnarok Online The Rebellion of Valkyrie : Update patch 9-01-2012

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Thanks to Androteam for the updates on this game. As far as we know, this game is being translated from korean to english.

Ragnarok Online The Rebellion of Valkyrie

Since I last posted the game, there were many updates being processed for this game to be a full english version. Last update was to remove or hide the annoying ads.

(Games) Astro Lander : Space Delivery Coming up!!

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Astro Lander is a challenging fun game that you will surely enjoy. Play as a space delivery guy and travel through space delivering orders in a rush fashion.

Astro Lander

 planetary gravitational adventure!
Planetary exploration is never an easy job - especially with budget constraints on fuel and demanding delivery orders! 

XIII: Lost Identity HD armv6: Classic Hidden Objects Game

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Imagine waking up to discover you’ve led several different lives.
Based on the comic book series by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance.

XIII: Lost Identity HD

A man suffering from amnesia is found washed up on a beach by an elderly couple. He has to unravel who he is and where he has come from, the only clue to his identity being the numerals “XIII” tattooed on his neck. 

(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to use Swapper2 to free RAM

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Dondie here.. as promised this is the tutorial on how to increase ram using swapper2
Swapper2 is an app that lets you run a virtual memory on your sd card instead of using the internal phone memory which is very futile on our device, around 190mb. Your Samsung phone will run smoothly if this is successful,. One performance- enhancing tweak for you guys.

How to use Swapper2

This is a very dangerous process. Some phone have been permanently bricked due to this. So better read terms and conditions. If your man enough and if you are really in to it, Just follow the simply instructions to avoid damage to your device. .

(Games) Doodle God™ F2P : Play God

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With over 40 million players all over the world! Play one of the most downloaded games on android with an almost perfect rating of 4.8. This game is sure to change your phone. One cool app that has superior graphics and complex game play. One cool game for our samsung galaxy y.

A logic game that is somehow similar to the famous game "alchemy". To try this, just install and enjoy. This is really one heck of a game that will surely make you love playing it all over again.

(Games) Tetris® POP apk : Another way to paly tetris

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POWER Up with Tetris® POP. Push your skills to the limit in frantic timed challenges. Can you beat the clock in three high-energy modes and several action-packed Tetris mini-variations?

Tetris® POP apk

Survive wave after wave of Tetriminos in Flood or drown in the Matrix. Trigger bombs in Detonator to go KABOOM. Hang on tight in Ledge or plummet into a bottomless pit. Dazzle your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprises and secrets.

(Games) Barguy (Girl Seducer) : Test your skills

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Here is a game that will test your manly skills. Try this and learn from the experts. FUN game for you!

Barguy (Girl Seducer)

This game actually makes no sense for me, but it is a lot of fun though. With basic graphics and funny results. Try this game up and see what you've got to seduce. Either you get lucky or you get unlucky.

(Games) TETRIS® apk : Play it the classic way

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I've always loved tetris ever since I got my first brick game console when I was 4 years old. This game reminds me of my past. Been playing this game on facebook too (unfortunately I'm not so good at it on PC).


This game is really amazing, developed by electronic arts (developers for games like need for speed and sims). Comes with rock solid gameplay and amazing controls that you can get with touchscreen.

(Apps) Vanilla Music Player

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Vanilla music player is a minimalistic music app that delivers features that some other music apps don't have, "no ads". This is really a feature I am looking for a music application since some of them are really having this pop-outs that really makes you wanna drop the phone or wish you dropped it.

Vanilla Music Player

A cool music player that has lots of customizable themes. Really one cool music player that plays your music the way you want. Minimalistic in the sense that it does not take a lot of space and useless additions are removed.

(ROM) CREEDsix ROM v1.8

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This is a rom which has lots of similarities to older versions of creeds since according to dev, it was based on it. If you like this rom, please give credits to dev and to the dev of creeds. Please read terms and conditions before installing this one.

CREEDsix ROM v1.8

Rom has a lot of ICS feel on it, with faster start-up time which is approximately 10-13 seconds. Has lots of paid apps installed by default and is really very smooth and stable. This one has been tested and working without any "major" issues whatsoever. A nice and neat rom for your galaxy y.

(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to change firmware version for Galaxy Y (ODIN)

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If you need to update your firmware version to be compatible with any other roms or tweaks, you may need to change your current firmware. You may  be wondering how to do this, your hands may get sweaty and your nose bleeding. Well Here is a tutorial on how to change firmware version on Galaxy Y.

How to change firmware version for Galaxy Y

This process is the same to the post " how to use odin ". But since some of us really don't know how to use it, I am doing a follow up post about it. Odin is a great tool to restore your android phone to stock rom if you want to make sure it is really back to "stock" version. Using it will NOT damage the device if "USED CORRECTLY". Read terms and conditions.

(Tweaks) onandroid v5.9 : Nanandroid back-ups without recovery mode

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This is a useful tool if you really want to have a nanandroid back-up without wasting too much time on rebooting the phone in recovery. This script is fast, probably maximum 5-7 minutes in making backup. Please read terms and conditions before installing or trying this.


This process should be done without any interruption. Since it is processing without turning the phone off, you might think that it is safe to minimize and then do other things. Well its always best to do nothing and avoid whatever consequences if your backup fails.

(Apps) Swapper2 (For Root Users)

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Dondie here
This is for Root users only. Please read terms and conditions before installing this app. I will not be responsible if you brick your phone or anything.


To enable swap is a great advantage if your game requires a great amount of ram. This app will enable your ram to use your sd cards free space as "virtual ram" so that your phone can handle the great amount of required ram for the game.

(Themes) Stock ICS 4.0 Wallpapers

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Dondie Here..
This is the official ICS wallpaper pack that was extracted on an ICS 4.0 device. Feel free to do whatever you want with these wallpapers. You can either edit them.. or just add some effects.

Stock ICS 4.0 Wallpapers

These wallpapers are of high definition. Really exquisite in terms of color and textures. Since ICS 4.0 was released, It surely is amazing. Having this wallpapers is a must have for developers and ICS fanatics alike. Go grab your now!

(Games) Counter Strike Offline on SGY (UPDATED)

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Asked yourself if you can play counter strike on your galaxy y phone? Well here's the answer to that : YES!
There were quite a few attempts to have the exact game ported from PC to android and I have gotten an apk file for this.

Counter Strike Offline

I did not actually test this game since I lend my phone to my friend so I need testers to test the game. Feedback from my friend says it worked on his but there were some issues on the controls.

(Games) Critical Srike Portable : Familiar?

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Critical Strike Portable (CS Portable) delivers the nostalgic Counter-Strike style gaming experience on your Android smartphone and tablet! 

Critical Srike Portable

Enjoy the smooth and customizable touch controls and play the exciting cross-platform first-person shooter against other players on the web and on other mobile platforms.

(Games) Red Weed : Stop the Red Weed!!

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Play a game based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne's award-winning Musical Version of The War of the Worlds! Red weed features music, sounds and video cut scenes from the original musical.

Red Weed

Try to stop the slimy Red Weed from spreading over the land as it changes every patch of green grass it touches into red tendrils.

(Games) (Requested) Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation apk + sd data for higher end android

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Hello Dondie Here!

Sorry guys but this is not for galaxy y. Posting this one since a good friend is requesting the links to download the game. So here I am posting this cool game here. Requires Higher end android phones.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.

(Games) Stunt Car Challenge : Amazing Car Game!

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Stunt Car Challenge is a very addictive game. I play this game a lot when I had this game on my phone. And it really is awesome. I guaranty you that you will love this game.
One of the top class stunt games on the market today.

Stunt Car Challenge

Test your creativity skills on doing stunts. This game is now with option to enable sensor control for air stunts!

(Games) My Paper Plane 3 3D Armv6

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This is a follow up sequel to the hit game My Paper Plane 2 (3D) that I already posted on this site a while back. With all new features and new maps to uncover!! One of the top android game series ever. Now made available here on iPlayGalaxyY.

My Paper Plane 3 3D Armv6

My Paper Plane 3 is an addictive game that captured almost all top gamers world wide. This game has lots of additional features than the last release and has more "cuter" graphics. With controls that even a Child can play, no wonder this game is top notched.