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(Themes) Iron Man Icon pack

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This is an Iron man Icon pack that you can install using go launcher. Developed by helix massacre, this icon pack is a must have for iron man fans out there!

If you want these icon pack then feel free to download and install it using go launcher which you can download here : LINK

(Themes) LG Optimus Flashable Icon Pack (L7)

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This is a flashable zip that you can flash to install the icons from LG Optimus L7. Please Read terms and conditions before installing.

LG Optimus Flashable Icon Pack

A nice icon pack that will customize the way your android phone will look like. Nice and neatly done, surely you will enjoy this new change on your phone.

(Games) Battle Bears Zombies 3D for Armv6 Devices.

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BATTLE BEARS stars OLIVER, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of Pink Bears wishing to HUG HIM TO DEATH. One of the top iPhone games now ported to android!

Battle Bears Zombies 3D

A really funny concept but exciting and thrilling. This is one of the best 3D stand still defense game that you can play on your phone. Nice 3D graphics game that you and your friends will enjoy!

(Games) Dead Run Brave : Escape from the monster

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Rufus, the bravest of them all, has taken up the hefty task of saving his space Hell–moon from the monster that is starved for eternity.

Dead Run Brave

This dead trigger was pulled when the monster went on his dead troll killing animals and birds. At that very moment Rufus knew that he will have to be a warrior as this cannot go on for eternity.

(Games) Asphalt 5 Career Fix : Fix Career mode bug

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Asphalt 5 is probably one of the best HD car racing games out there on the market today. There were some issues and reports for not crashes on playing the game on career mode and also issues with unlocking cars and upgrades. 

Asphalt 5 Career Fix

Since this bug rolled out, we were quite frustrated 'bout it. But thankfully there was a fixed found for that! Now that we have this patch, we can now play the career mode without any hassles.

(Games) Wonder Pants : Start your Superhero Career!

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Darrell's ready for business but he has to start at the bottom, he's yet to learn how to plug a volcano or turn back time so he's starting out by saving cats!

Wonder Pants

You begin Darrell's story by starting off in his hometown, saving cats from trees.

(Games) Naruto Jutsus on Hand APK : For Naruto Fans out there!!

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Huge fan of Naruto? Want to learn how it works?

Naruto Jutsus on Hand APK

This app will help and teach you how to produce jutsus by just moving your mobile device.

Hi Guys!! We're back!

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Hello guys,

       Sorry for missing out for a couple of days. I had so much work to do at school and on my online job. I am holding out orientations for online jobs here on my area and Also was busy with graduate school exams.

But anyways we are back online now. If you guys are also interested on how to earn online,

you can check this site out :  Link

I am currently developing the site and I have included pics on my earnings as proof.




(Games) Bad Piggies apk : From the creators of Angry Birds

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You get to play as the pigs this time!!
Get ready to see pigs fly!
From the creators of Angry Birds: an all new game from the PIGS’ point of view!

Bad Piggies

Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!

(Bootanimation) 300 bootanimation : from the movie 300

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Huge fan of the movie 300? This is a custom bootanimation that will surely incorporate the logo of 300 on your galaxy y.

300 bootanimation

Please read terms and conditions before installing thie file. And please give credits to dev.

(Apps) New Youtube 4.1.23 rolling out!

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The latest version of the official YouTube app.
Keep up with your favorite YouTube channels and access the world’s videos anywhere with the official YouTube app for Android.

Youtube 4.1.23

This was just updated on September 26, 2012 and now it's out on the market today. If you have issues downloading it from the market, you can surely download it here!

(Apps) Miui Clock Widget apk : Really nice clocks

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This is a widget that you can set on your homescreen to display various types of clocks taken from Miui. Really nice and really neat in design.

Miui Clock Widget

This can make your home screen a lot more presentable. And you can also customize the size since you have an option to do that once you've selected the widget.

(PC tools) Latest Samsung Drivers (USB)

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Hi guys were back!! Finally..

Here is a requested file that seems to be lost on the site directory. I'm sure Iv'e posted this before but since it's nowhere to be found now, I am reposting it again.

Samsung Drivers

This is the latest USB driver pack from samsung And I hope this will solve all your worries about not getting your phone recognized on your PC.

Hello Guys

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          Sorry guys for not having been able to update the site lately. This week is nearly the end of the semester and I am getting ready to take the exams and pass all the projects for graduate school.

We will be updating the site as soon as we are free, maybe starting on Saturday.



(Games) The Last Defender 3D : Defend your Base!!

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A 3D first person shooter game! The Last Defender will plunge you into the heart of modern defense. What will you do if you're surrounded and even worst, outnumbered!!

The Last Defender 3D

As a mercenary, you will be equipped with most sophisticated and powerful modern day weapons to protect the company's secret. Survive the day!!

(Games) Angry Bots 3D for Armv6 Devices

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Angry Bots is a 3D game demo powered by unity, a graphics engine that is becoming more recognized in 3D and HD gaming for mobile phones. One top notched game for qvga devices.

Angry Bots 3D

This game has very good graphics and is really interesting. Since this is only a demo version, hopefully the full game will be out so that we can enjoy the game more!!

(Games) Captain America : Sentinel of Liberty HD for Armv6 Devices

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Hello Guys. I Finally got my hands on this game for armv6 devices and I am now sharing it with you. This is  actually a very nice game that will surely work for armv6 devices with 240x320 screens.

Captain America : Sentinel of Liberty HD

This game features Stunning HD graphics that will surely captivate you.
Play as Captain America the First Avenger. Stop the Red Skull!

(PC tools) Tutorial on how to recover files from damaged storage device (format or corrupted sd card or hardisk)

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Have you Stored your important files on sd card or hard disk? What if one day you accidentally formatted or partitioned your sd card or hard disk? I'm sure you're feeling bad about it and your stomach hurts.

recover files from damaged storage

Don't you worry, I will teach you how to recover your sd card or hard disk even if it's formatted or corrupted. No need to pay hundreds of dollars on computer shops. It's do it yourself this time\

(Apps) GameBooster : Boost your phone to play games!!

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Have issues playing games on your phone? Download this app now!
Give a new life to your old phone with GameBooster now!


Are you bored because of new games lagging on your phone? You don't need a new phone for playing high-end games! Boost your games with Game Booster!

(Apps) GO Contacts EX : Modded Already with paid themes

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A nice replacement for stock contacts. Really cool 3D effects await you guys. Once you install this on your phone, you'll surely get to like it... 

GO Contacts EX

Brought to you by GO Dev Team , GO Contacts EX is yet another powerful tool, ideal replacement of stock Contacts and Dialer.

(Apps) Feeding Frenzy! Live Wallpaper

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Watch Root chase the food!
In this live wallpaper, watch as Root -- a wandering smiley -- chases down the food as they frantically try to escape. 

Feeding Frenzy!

Tap Root to temporarily freeze him, and touch another point on the screen to relocate Root.

(Apps) Better Translator Pro : Translate words from other countries to your language

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A powerful yet simple translator using Google Translate AND Bing Translator to provide the best translation experience on Android.

Better Translator Pro

Google now charge for usage of their Google Translate API so we can no longer offer that engine. However, Bing Translator engine still works but not so reliably in recent weeks.

(Games) Striker Soccer for Armv6 Android

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Enjoy this fast old-school soccer game!
Enjoy this fast european football game!
A very cute soccer game for all android users out there. Have fun playing soccer..

Striker Soccer

In this game you have to be fast to beat your opponents. A cool soccer game that will let you enjoy and test your soccer skills.

(Games) Tower of Clumps : Build your Towers

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Admit it, you just can't get over the blocks thing. :-P Here's one way for you to still enjoy the game on your android device.

Tower of Clumps

This will test your accuracy skills and your patience So better enjoy the game as much as you can. I still love playing these kind of games so i'm gonna share this one for you guys!

(Games) DarkMaze apk : Maze Game

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Dark maze is obviously a maze game that you can play on your galaxy y. But there is a catch on this game!! Really interesting and fun to play!


Never get tired of playing maze games? Here's one for you that will make your head veins pop out. Frustrating but still very addictive and challenging to play... :-)

(ROM) Sweet Dread 2 rom for Galaxy Y

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One of the latest roms released for Galaxy Y. More like a themed Rom for me personally but still supporting dev for this. Please give credits to dev for the effort. Please read also terms and conditions before installing.

Sweet Dread 2

With a feel of stock rom, this rom somehow uses ICS theme with a bit of transparency touch. Pre installed with DSP manager for better sound management.

(Rom) Evo 2.1 Rom (Evolution v2.1) for Galaxy Y

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This rom has been out for quite a while and is really interesting because it was one of the first galaxy y roms that was able to integrate 4 cpu frequencies for better system management.

Evo 2.1 Rom

Please read terms and conditions before installing this on your samsung galaxy y. This is one of the more advanced roms for galaxy y and has lots of features on it. If you want to download the first version then just search for evo x2 on this site. 

(Games) Half Breed for Armv6 Devices

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HALF BREED is an action-packed game with awesome visuals, loads of unique weapons, a bunch of aliens, and epic boss fights!

Half Breed

Your character is a man who seeks revenge on the people that created him as a military experiment. Half-man and half-alien, a Half Breed, use special powers to defeat enemy aliens and their bosses.

(Games) Falling Balls : Another Stickman Game Concept

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Falling Balls is a game that is really simple in concept but has a very addicting game play. Another stickman game for you guys!

Falling Balls

The main Idea is for you to avoid the falling balls as much as you can. The main idea of using the character is really funny and interesting. There are lots of stickman games out there and this one is included on the list!

(Games) Flick Golf Extreme 3D for Armv6 Devices

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Want to take it to the extreme? After the first version comes the extreme version for Armv6 devices including galaxy y.

Flick Golf Extreme

Are you ready to conquer the most extreme courses in the world?
Ready to tee off from grand canyons, icebergs or fighter jets - Flick Golf Extreme is the perfect adrenaline fix for your finger!

(Games) Dead Runner 3D : Excellent Game

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What will you do if you wake up in a dark forest hearing weird and haunting sounds? Well the best thing to do is run!

Dead Runner 3D

This game features cool display for galaxy y and is really smooth. One of the best running games ever. You need to get out of the forest as fast as you can. Let's see how far you can outrun those evil souls!

(Apps) Windows 8 Launcher for Galaxy Y

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Make your phone run like a new computer with this amazing themed launcher!
Windows 8 Launcher
 Get ready for an entirely new experience on your phone! This launcher allows your phone to emulate a windows 8 pc on your Android device.

(ROM) Zello Rom : Nice Relaxing feel

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Rom is well known for the signature Blue color which is actually very cool to the eyes. Originally shared by a group called zello galyoungers (website not found). Thanks to theme for creating this wonderful rom.

Zello Rom

Basically, you get lots of cool UI on these rom. Has this feel of coolness of it because of the blue colored theme and nice features. Very good ram management and smooth and stable. A bit of transparency but overall, really good.

(Games) Tap Tap Glider : A very fun game for Galaxy Y

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A simple game that require one to have precision in making simple decisions. Addicting game and is very fun to play! 

Tap Tap Glider

Best time waster if you're stuck with nothing to do. Works perfectly with galaxy y and I'm sure you guys will enjoy this. How far can you guide your plane?

(ROM) MeeGo Rom : n9 inspired for Galaxy Y

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This rom is really good looking. Nice and stable with no bugs at all. That's right, testers already confirmed this rom has no bugs. Developed quite a long time ago. This rom has its edge in beauty and style. See the MeeUi image below.

MeeGo Rom

This rom comes with funny UI, fast and stable. Just try and see it yourself. Please read terms and conditions before installing.

(Themes) Miui icon pack for galaxy y

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Nice and clean icon pack that can be installed and flashed using cwm. Please read terms and conditions before installing and give credits to dev.

Miui icon pack

Have Miui icons on your galaxy y today. Nice and really pretty looking icons for our samsung phone. 

(ROM) Hyperion Project Rom for Galaxy Y

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Hyperion Project is a very fast rom for SGY that actually produces huge benchmark points, highest was 2000+, making this rom suitable for gaming.  Preloaded with useful apps that makes it one of the best roms for galaxy y today.

Hyperion Project Rom

This is a stable rom for out samsung phone with saucy look. Developed to make your sgy super fast for a better gaming experience. Please give dev credits for this. A new experience awaits you guys!

(Games) Kung Fu Jump

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Ever wanted to be a kung fu master? Try this game. This game is a jumping game and is really fast and smooth on galaxy y.

Kung Fu Jump

This Funny character (see image above) is the one that you need to control to collect all the coins and reach the top. Simple game play but lots fun!

(Games) Save Ass Shooter : Nice Shooting Game for android

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Simple and addicting physics shooting game with 64 levels! Funny characters, save your co workers in time before they die hanging literally. He he he

Save Ass Shooter

Your goal is:

To be the hero in your office by saving people’s lives.
The boss and co-workers have been hanging for a long time.

(Games) Cat vs Dog : Wage War!

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Cat vs Dog is an entertaining game in which these two characters, a dog and a cat, they will face each other in a battle throwing things at each other.

Cat vs Dog

To throw the objects you will have to maintain the finger on top of your character. Take into account the wind strength.

(Games) 4 Teh Birds : Cool Game

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This is actually a game I came about a few days ago while trying to download a game for my friend. I bought game and tried to play it and ever since I am becoming more addicted to it. Even though it's just a simple game of matching birds, the concept of using birds instead of gems or balls is new.

 4 Teh Birds

A Cute game with lots of colors and funny characters. This game will surely make you addicted to it too. Help Free our bird friends now!

(Games) Dark Incursion : Cool game for SGY

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Dark Incursion is a hack and slash game. A feel of old school touch in it, this game is made of pixel art but still has that kick on it. Nice and smooth on galaxy y and is really quite good!

Dark Incursion

You will have the joy of having multiple awesome weapons on this game. Weapon's updates are also cool and exciting on this game. Side scrolling hack and slash game with old school pixel art and stereoscopic 3D.
Really enjoyed this as you get to play as a girl.. Oh Yeah!

(Games) BeerShooter

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Get the best Beer Action Game right from Bavaria!
You love the Bavarian tradition, the Oktoberfest in Munich and smooth German beer?


ou fancy "Good Old Germany", castle Neuschwanstein, beer gardens and Bavarian folk music? Bavarian cosiness, pumping beer mugs and making party in the beer tent is a must?

(Games) Find the Ball : Test your skills

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Find the Ball is a good Skill Game and recommended for all ages. This will test you skills focused mainly on your attention. A very Fun game for you guys.

Find the Ball

This actual game is similar to once played in circuses, and festivals around the world. Now it is available for your samsung galaxy y phones. Are you now ready to test your skills?

(Games) Burger apk : One of the Top games on market

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A simple game that is very addictive even though it takes some time to unlock ingredients. This is really thrilling and exciting. Want to be the best burger chief? Let's see what you can  do in a minute!!

This android game requires extreme dexterity with your fingers. You will work as a chain restaurant chef and serve clients orders as quickly as possible.

(Games) Snow Rally 3D City Stage : Race cars on city streets

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a 3D city racing game with the best 3D graphics on mobile devices offering breathtaking gaming experience and gorgeous city scenery.

Snow Rally 3D City Stage

After the first version of the game comes another version that is set on city landscapes. Graphics are a bit okay, can be compared to playstation one graphics.

(Games) Judge Dredd vs Zombies 3D : Smooth on Galaxy Y

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Mega-City One is overrun with zombies. Judge Dredd is here to dispense justice!

Judge Dredd vs Zombies 3D

I found this app on the market and decided to try it out. Since the new Judge Dredd movie is set to be released on October 2012, this game will surely be a huge hit to all the fans out there. Running smooth on Galaxy Y even without chainfire. Nice game play, smooth and controls are excellent with no bugs!

(Games) Slenderman 3D on Android

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The thrilling horror game that rocked the PC world is now on android. (To download the PC version which is much more scarier, visit PC tools page). This game is really haunting and graphics are nice since its 3D

Slenderman 3D

Try Playing this game alone on pc or on android and try doing it at night and it will surely scare you. The flight reaction of knowing the you are being chased is really scary. This is one hell of a game! (try pc version, really recommended).

(Games) ShadowRun : Cool Concept

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ShadowRun is a unique game that is really nice to play. Really cool since it is really having this new concept that is really nice. Game is a running game but the only difference is that you need to use your fingers to play (see image below).


This is not another clone of Temple Run. This is the runner with original mechanic "running fingers"! Run using your fingers simulating running legs! Avoid obstacles, jump over them, release from the traps and the main thing - do not run away from the path!

(Apps) Flags of Asia Live Wallpaper

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This is a requested apk. To sum things up, this is not a movie but a live wallpaper that contains 3D images of Flags on countries in Asia.

Flags of Asia Live Wallpaper

If you're on to flags and if you love flags on your android phone, you need to download this. A beautiful 3D flag will appear on the screen. Moving in motion like a real flag does when wind strikes it. Such a cool live wallpaper it is!

(Games) Galaga Special Edition HD (30th anniversary)

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The legendary hit arcade shooter returns with Galaga Special Edition!

Galaga Special Edition HD

 Featuring a new twist on the classic gameplay, slick new graphics and devastating weapon power-ups, the fate of the galaxy lies in your hands!

(Games) Deal or No Deal

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I'm sure you've heard of this game. One of the hit tv series for game shows around the world. Fantasizing about playing the game yourself? Play it now on your android device and win millions.

Deal or No Deal

Of course this is only a game, not the true one. So easy to play with so much more to choose and nothing to loose. Love to be rich? Try your luck skills.