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It's a New Year!

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        Welcoming 2013 with a HUGE Bang!
Happy New Year!!

(Games) Blind Ninja : Sing LITE apk

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What will you do if your a blind ninja? Well this is really an interesting cutting and running game. If you have a thing for ninjas then this will be the best game for you. You need to have the skills and a proper sense of mind to play this crazy game.

Blind Ninja : Sing LITE apk

You get to play as "SING". Sing is a ninja of course with a blindfold that was washed probably 2 years ago (I really don't know why he has this but its his thing, and I really don't give a damn). You need to help sing  run across rooftops and cut/slice scary scarecrows.

(ROM) NeoX Blackstar Version 1

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One of roms that really has no bugs. This rom is fast as it is working with a kernel that has options to increase/decrease phone performance. Neatly done and has cool icons that is really making it a huge hit these days.

 One this I noticed about this rom is that it has no premium apps or paid apps installed on it. This rom is super fast and stable and is excellent for daily usage. With superior ram and power control supported by the kernel, this is really one of coolest rom out there.

(Themes) Xperia S Lockscreen

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We can now have Xperia S lockscreen on your galaxy y. This was developed quite a while ago and is currently working great with no bugs whatsoever.

Xperia S Lockscreen
version 1

One of the few things I loved about this is that it's neatly done and the reviews is quite good on this. This includes a few modifications in regards to the look. Basically the lockscreen works the same.

(Apps) Next Launcher : 3D launcher

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          This is the newest launcher developed by the GO team, the people behind the huge success of go launcher series. This one costs a lot on google play but I can give it to your free!

Next Launcher apk

This launcher operates in full 3D with dynamic view options. This one is making quite a stir because of its potentials. One of the best 3D launchers out there and is compatible with our galaxy y.

(ROM) Alfa Rom version 4.2 Ultimate Edition

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      Lately, there is currently a boom in rom development for galaxy y. Everyone seems to be quite excited in developing new things for this little phone. Even though its quite a little outdated already due to the fact that newer and faster phones are coming out each month, galaxy y is still simply a phone that you can get your money's worth.

Alfa Rom version 4.2 Ultimate Edition

      This rom simply looks amazing and one thing I find interesting in this rom is it's simplicity. Using adw launcher with customized icons that really makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the UI. Aside from the look and feel, this one has tweaks for low battery consumption and better ram management.

(Games) Sonic Jump HD

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      This game caught me by surprise! Play as sonic the hedgehog, the most famous hedgehog superhero! Jump your way to victory and defeat the evil scientist Dr. Eggman and his evil forces.

Sonic Jump HD apk

This game features HD graphics and is stunningly well developed. Sonic was one of the most played nintendo games back in the 80's and 90's and I'm not surprised that its making a comeback.

(Games) Critical Missions: SWAT

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     Still can't get enough of the CS fever? Well let's feature another game here similar to that. Critical Missions: Swat is a Counter-strike like game with similar gameplay. A First-person shooter that will most likely get your attention too.

Critical Missions: SWAT apk

Game starts with you buying all the weapons you need. You still get to choose whether to play on the terrorist side or on the counter-terrorist side. Plan the bomb for terrorist, rescue the hostages for counter-terrorist or annihilate all enemies to win the game!

(Rom) NeoX BlackStar version 2

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    A must have rom if you seek a faster and sleeker rom. This rom has lots of pre installed tweaks that help it run smoothly on galaxy y. One of the rising roms for the android phone. A follow up to the first version, and made even better.

NeoX BlackStar version 2 rom

This roms UI, use touchwiz launcher, which has the same ui as an s3. Also, the theme for the rom is mostly of light blue color which contributes to its cool effect for the eyes. Benchmark scores for this soar up to 2100+ after just installing this, so this will be recommended for users who seeks a fast galaxy y experience.

(ROM Ultimate edition : Ice Cold Jelly

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    This is a very interesting rom that came up just recently and it features a very neatly done UI. One of the few things iv'e noticed about this rom is that the devs may have been crazy over the color blue. Anyways let's further discuss things about this rom.

Ice Cold Jelly rom

This rom is super fast and smooth and has all things done in blue. Very neat and high definition icons and UI is a key feature on why this rom stands out from the rest of the crowd. 

(Games) CrazyFist II : Run no more

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CrazyFist II is an interesting game similar to temple run but has a twist on it. Instead of you running FROM your enemies, you get to end up chasing after them. Quite a bit odd but still quite a lot of fun!

CrazyFist II apk

This game is quite laggy so you have to install chainfire 3d pro to play the game. Graphics are quite complicated since it was done in an awesome way that is really bad for our little android phone which has minimum specs. Thanks to chainfire we still can play the game smoothly.

(Games) Tank Hero: Laser Wars Pro apk

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The follow up to the hit puzzle action game Tank Hero has finally arrived! Charge your lasers and get ready to take the fight to new battlegrounds that will challenge you like never before.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars Pro apk

Equip your tank with ray guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons, and more. Use the all new interactive environments to strategically take our your enemies.

(Games) Alone at War : Play it simple

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I Stumbled on downloading this game quite a while now when I was still sick. Interesting and really crazy i think. One of the weirdest games I ever played and has a lot of x factor on it. Recommended for all ages!

Alone at War apk

This game is called alone at war. You obviously get to play an unlikely hero which is situated at the bottom left hand-side corner of the screen with a bow and arrow as a weapon.

Merry Christmas Guys!

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Extending my best wishes to everyone!
Have a merry Xmas.

What do you know, its still not the end of the world so please do good to one another and enjoy life as much as possible.

Once again, from your iplaygalaxyy family


(ROM) Lewa

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Lewa was developed by chinese devs for several android devices and has now been ported for galaxy y. This rom is not really that perfect since it is based on CM7 and as we all know, Cyanogen is still not perfectly running on galaxy y. This rom is not meant for daily use, until cyanogen is properly fixed.

lewa rom

Did you know that lewa means "happy, merry, funny Frog?". This is an interesting rom for our android phone since it is neatly done and is really attractive to look at. Please read terms and conditions before installing this and always make a backup copy of your current rom.

(tweaks) SmokingHAL version 2.2 : Increase smoothness

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          This script enables fast response and increased frame rate response for galaxy y for a more smoother transition. Please read terms and conditions before installing and always do backup your system before any changes. It's really important if you really need to revert back to your previous configurations.


Hello Guys! I am back!

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                     After being gone for almost a month, we are now back in business. We will try our best to bring you updated games and apps, tweaks and roms for our galaxy y device as much as we can.

                    Having dengue was the worst experience in my life. So guys, please be careful and don't let mosquitoes bite you. Put enough mosquito repellent as needed and don't leave water unattended for days.

Thansk for waiting

(PC Tools) Zopeo website : Find people anywhere on the world!

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You might be wondering what this is. Zopeo is one of the websites that let's you access 800 million profiles around the net! Yes that true! This site specializes in searching people, anywhere, around the world! Possibly somebody you know that you haven't met for quite a while is just a click away!


I find this site quite useful since most of us have a hard time trying to find someone that we haven't been in touch for quite a while. Finding someone is now much easier on the web than before.

(Apps) LingLing : Learn language the fast way

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           Hello guys I'm back after almost a month of being absent due to dengue. Well here's an app that I think you should try out. This app is called lingling and is a helpful way to learn something new. This android application let's you learn English, Spanish and Thai language faster than before. In just 10 months, you will surely have an edge. What a great way to break the language barrier!

lingling apk

One way of learning something the fun way. This is a must have app for all ages. Especially for students who are having a hard time in their studies. Download the app now and I'm sure you'll find it interesting!