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Terms and Conditions


terms and conditions

       is a website intended to SHARE apps, tweaks, games, that are available on the net to its galaxy y users. Files downloaded here are not properties of iplaygalaxyy since we do not host files on our servers.

Downloading Files
Apps that are posted here are either paid and distributed by trusted sources / Open Sources like google play or trusted third pary sources. For some of the apps to work, it will either need more data downloaded through the net. Just download the additional files and everything will be set up. Every app or files that are downloadable on this site are virus free before it is posted to ensure safety.

 Apps and games descriptions may partly come from google play and videos taken from youtube.

This is to verify that any apps or tweaks that are downloadable here are provided with detailed instructions. Please read every steps and follow to ensure correct and complete installation.


iplaygalaxyy is not responsible to any damage to your device once you install it.  Upon entering site, user automatically releases iplaygalaxyy to all damage that may arise. Always do a backup copy of your
media using any backup apps or your current rom before installing any updates. Backup any files that may potentially be overwritten and follow instructions carefully. linkbucks

Any Page or download link that you may enter may show or linkbucks page, just wait for five seconds and click on skip ads on the upper right corner of the phone screen. This is needed to ensure that the website will have enough funds for it to run.

Thanks for all the support

Donation Refunds

I will greatly appreciate donations to help the site, but if you want to get your donations back, i will sincerly return it.

ROMS, Tweaks, Apps and Games (DMCA)

Tweaks and roms are not properties of the site but from respected developers alone. Credit all goes to them respectively.

If you feel we may have posted your work, Please email us KINDLY using the "contact us" page and we will remove your work immediately. We really do apologize if there may have been any misunderstandings.