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(Tutorial) How to download from the site!! (With PICS)

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Since this site was intended for group use before from my country, we just recently shared it to the world last april 2012.

How to download from the site
Me taken 2 weeks ago with a galaxy y phone

Since most of the apps are registered under our group from symbianize before we made this blog, some of you guys could not download the paid apps. I will be making this full tutorial to help you download the files without any issues

First stop we need to discuss is how to download the regular way.
some of the link are shortened. this is through adf ly or link bucks.
This is actually a way for the site to earn just a little. Around 1 dollar every 3 thousand downloads. what the heck. It's the rate in our country.

File hosts on this site

Just look for the "DOWNLOAD" once on download pages



when you click download link, this page will appear

How to download from the site

When it appears just wait 5 seconds and click on skip ad on the upper right hand corner of the screen, this will direct you to the real download page.



Same goes to Link bucks below

How to download from the site
Magdagdag ng caption

Wait 5 -10 seconds and this will appear, click on skip this ad to continue the download

Some link bucks will have this survey page

How to download from the site

Just take the simple survey to unlock the download


SYMBIANIZE - tech forum for Filipinos

Now some paid apps and games will require you to register on this site. This is not a partner site but it was the hangout place for our group before. So when you click on the download link, then the shortened skip ad link, and it will say that you are not logged in like the pic shown below:

How to download from the site

Then click on register to create an account.

Then enter you date of birth and proceed (pic below)

How to download from the site

Then click the box and proceed (terms and conditions page blah blah blah)

How to download from the site

Alright so now you will be on fill in contact information page like below. Fill in the box and for the security questions i will tell you the answer below, if it does not show the same verification questions iv'e placed here, then simply refresh the page and click on magpatuloy or proceed.

Don't forget me to add as referrer
My username on symbianize is : julianndondie

How to download from the site

Common verification questions

1. A-no ang ku-lay ng inu-min na ka-pe?

Answer: itim

2. A-no ang ku-lay ng man-sanas?

Answer: pula

3. A-ling par-te ng u-lo ang gi-naga-mit na pandi-nig?

Answer: tenga or tainga

4. A-no ang taw-ag mo sa a-sawa ng na-nay mo?

Answer: tatay o itay

5. A-nong nu-mero ang tat-long bes-es inu-lit sa bi-lang na 87706175?

Answer: 7

6. A-no ang panga-lan ng pamban-sang baya-ning si ri-zal?

Answer: Jose

Now an email will be sent to your email address, check it to complete the registration and login to the symbianize website, now go back to the iplaygalaxyy website and download the file you wanted.

Thank you!


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