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(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to make HD games working on galaxy y

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Everybody may seem to be wondering how to make some HD games work on the little samsung phone.

HD games working on galaxy y

Well here are some few steps to consider on how to do this. Since Galaxy Y has limited resources in regards to hardware, we need to compensate this by Changing or applying few tweaks manually. Please read terms and conditions before doing this.

mobile android HD games requires graphics processing unit (GPU) to run smoothly on a device like mobile phones. Unfortunately as many of you have heard, galaxy y lacks the appropriate gpu to play games smoothly.

Most HD games will actually force close because of this. To have this hardware issue compensated, we are installing chainfire3D.

1. Chainfire3D

The app actually acts as a "third wheel" and it is normally described as an app standing between the android system and your display.

Basically it changes some commands and forces it so that your display is optimized when you install it. This actually gives a performance boost in regards to display.

NOTE: app is for optimizing graphics, not changing graphic size..

2. ROMs

ROMs may play a great factor on playing games. Usually HD games requires rooting and if you have stock rom installed then you will need to root to play a game.

Also rom kernels is a thing. since galaxy y phone's is only around 832MZH only, we might need kernels that supports overclocking so that we can play hd games lag free. Most hd games today requires 1GHZ and we just don't have it. So we overclock to maximize cpu frequencies on galaxy y, to use it's full potential. Risky but works.

3. SD card

Some sd card just really sucks in terms of read/write speeds. SO you will need to really get a class 6-10 sd cards.

To compensate again for this hardware issue, you can install SD BOOSTER


SD booster boosts read/write speeds to its maximum limit. Just make sure you're on to this as it may degrade card life..

4. Changing build.prop

Meaning changing hardware scpecs to fool the phone itself. Galaxy Y is a ARMv6 device and some HD games require ARMV7 to play it. YOu can always do this to make games work that was meant for ARMV7 phones.

CHeap trick but works all the time


NOTE: previous installed apps and games for armv6 will force close. you can always revert back by changing the device name back to the default or by restoring back up for build.prop file.

5. Using Swapper

Swapper is a dangerous business but works great.
HD games may require lots of ram to work. As you can see, galaxy y has limited ram, around 190mb.

Swapper works wonders by using your sd card space to compensate for ram. It allows your phone to use your sd card space to be converted to "virtual ram" so that the game may ran smoothly and won't force close due to insufficient memory.

THis may degrade SD card life badly (but not a big issue for hardcore gamers like me!).

You will need a class 6-10 sd card to not notice any difference.

Always remember to clear ram using task manager.


So Basically that's it. If the phone still can't play the game, it may be that your settings may not be that accurate or it's your phone itself that is not compatible.

Anyways, if you really want to play the game badly, you can always convert your PC to an android device. Since your computer has MORE THAN THE REQUIRED SPECS, all android HD games will run!


Hopefully this tutorial will help enlighten your knowledge about android phones.

Keep supporting us! THanks
Truly yours,


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Ilyas Ahmed said...

Is changing to arm v7 safe for galaxy y?

Ilyas Ahmed said...

Is changing to arm v7 safe for galaxy y

Ilyas Ahmed said...

Is changing to arm v7 safe for galaxy y

julie duran said...

yes, works

sagar said...

Changing to arm v7 .This wiil stop your applications from working such as nimbuzz,link to sd, and mx player and more.i tried this and got these probs .anyway try it yourself.and comment here.thank you..

sagar said...

Hey man, please disable your comment approval mode .we want to see the comments before download.consider its as a request.

julie duran said...

done, I am not a man

Anonymous said...

Wow you she thanks for all stuffs

julie duran said...

thanks too

Anonymous said...

grt stuff everything works

Anonymous said...

grt stuff everything works

julie duran said...