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(Tools) Bluestacks android emulator (Make your PC an Android Device) ; Tired of Slow Game on Android phones? Why not Use your PC to play the game?

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Many people keep on complaining that most of the android game lags on their phone. Well we can't do anything about it since most phones don't meet the minimum requirements for a game to run smoothly. This applies to both 3d games and HD games.

Sad to say, our galaxy y is one of these "slow" phones. But even if it has not met most of the HD game's minimum requirements, it's still a good phone as you can get worth the money you paid for it.

So here's the thing, if you have a computer / laptop, why not use that instead of playing it on your Galaxy Y? Since you can upgrade you PC hardware, you will not have any problems at all on playing this HD games.

I will show you how.

What you need to download is this

Download BlueStacks Android Emulator HERE

1. install .exe on your pc
2. set up and install apk on your PC.
3. Run the game and play!

Watch video below

Bluestacks also has this feature that you can synchronize your apps on your phone and PC. Really useful ey?

So have fun with your "Android" PC.


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ghettoelectroghettoelectro37 said...

Is there one for a mac ?

julie duran said...

This is currently.on beta version for windows