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(Games) Barguy (Girl Seducer) : Test your skills

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Here is a game that will test your manly skills. Try this and learn from the experts. FUN game for you!

Barguy (Girl Seducer)

This game actually makes no sense for me, but it is a lot of fun though. With basic graphics and funny results. Try this game up and see what you've got to seduce. Either you get lucky or you get unlucky.

You get to play as a sleeky guy out on a bar, trying to get a girl. Play as sneeky as you can do get a date.


Barguy (Girl Seducer)

Barguy (Girl Seducer)

- Hilarious characters
-funny results
- test your bar skills by doing pickup lines
- you either get a hot night
- get a black eye for failed missions.


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