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To those who want to be part of iPlayGalaxyY

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We are inviting those who want to share some of their games and apps and other tweaks for this low end android phone to come join us and be part of our team. 

To those who want to be part of iPlayGalaxyY

Please follow the standard format in writing and please be guided on our guidelines.

Image above shows standard formatting used by our fellow authors:

Legend for image above:
1. for page break
2. for pictures
3. for videos
4. for labels
5. for alt image description
6. Links

Starting a post

1. Place title
2. Include 1 picture in between short descriptions
3. Push on page break so that after posting it will have a view more link
4. finish up with your download links and important addons like pictures and videos from youtube

- Please remember that when placing images that you need to click the image and look for properties and place an alt tag description (name of the game)

5. After reviewing for incorrect spellings and grammer, put labels as follows

(name of the game), (labels)

Do not forget to include the comma in between

for labels:
- games (for games
- Apps (for apps or live wallpapers
- rom (for roms)
- tweaks (for tweaks and updates)
- bootanimation (for bootanimation)
- themes (for icons, themes, icon packs)
- fonts (for fonts)
- video (for vide

ex title: (video) video of myself

for links, just highlight the word you want to place the link to and press number 6 on legend (see figure above).

Please do not include links from sites with porno or any other sites without permission from admins, we will review all new posts and remove links that are not allowed. For tweaks, roms, updates, always provide a link to the original post. 

If your a website owner we will include a link for your site on our authors page below
Please use same link above if you want to join.



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