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(Games) Chrono Trigger : Paid RPG game for you! now on android

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CHRONO TRIGGER is the timeless role-playing classic developed by the "Dream Team" of DRAGON QUEST creator Yuji Horii, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, and the creators of FINAL FANTASY.

Chrono Trigger

Featuring revolutionary gameplay and an epic tale of time travel and high adventure, CHRONO TRIGGER captured the hearts of a gaming generation, selling over three-and-a-half million copies around the world.
With CHRONO TRIGGER for Android, you can experience the timeless story and dynamic battles of this beloved classic any time, anywhere—with intuitive touch screen controls making the experience smoother than ever.

(PC tools) Eset Antivirus 6 or Smart Security 6 hack

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              This has been proven working by me. I tested this on my laptop and this was developed by a hacker friend of mine a while ago when the latest eset security softwares where released. This is the best way to remove the expiration dates so that you will not keep up finding usernames and passwords to update the software.

Eset Antivirus 6 or Smart Security 6 hack

This is for your computer guys.. not for your phone. If you want to have this then feel free to download. There is no bugs on this and I tested this myself. Safe and hack free, this will remove registry keys so that you can have the full version on your pc instead of having the trial that needs to be updated every now and then.

(Game) Ricochet Assasin

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             There are tons of apps like these on the android market today and I find this one interesting since it actually allows you do to tricks that requires skills in accuracy. This is a very nice game that made hits on iOS (iphone) and has now already crawled its way to android.

Ricochet Assasin

                        You will play as a rambo like hero which needs to fight back military forces to reasons that we really don't know. Why do we even care?! Play the game and have as much fun as possible!!


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       To shorten the site address. We decided to have a .tk address for the site.

You can now access the site using this:

Thank you for supporting us.



(Games) Ground Effect Pro Version

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Stunning visuals and a pumping sound track make this ground-breaking game the way perfect way to show off what your phone can do! Nominated last year for a Best App Ever Award on iPhone and was featured multiple times on the App Store under both New and Noteworthy and What's Hot!

Ground Effect Pro Version

 This is fast-paced, arcade style ekranoplan racing action at it's very best. Boasting incredible 3D graphic detail and procedural landscapes never before seen in any game of its type, the game will appeal to lovers of fast-paced, competitive action genres as well as those who prefer something more sedate and relaxing.

(Games) Ninja Fishing : Do it like a boss

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This games was futured a while ago as one of google play's staff picks. One of the original fishing games that requires you to do tilting. One of the best and fun android games that you can play on your galaxy y.

Ninja Fishing

The main characters name is Otoro. A fat ninja that has nothing to do and loves to fish! Well, he doesn't even know why he loves to fish but I guess that's the only thing he's good at.

(Games) Angry Birds Seasons : Haunted Hogs Edition!

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                   The most played game on android and even on pc has now released its Halloween version. This is the Angry Birds Seasons Haunted Hogs Edition, which has all new levels that we could play with!

Angry Birds Seasons : Haunted Hogs

This is a game extension that you can get to update your previous version of the game. This will give you more levels to play and new characters to beat. One of the most loved games of all time!

(Games) Modded Street Fighter IV apk : Now working for Armv6 Galaxy Y

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               This is a modded apk of the street fighter IV game that I know everybody wants to play on galaxy y. This actually works and is proven tested working on galaxy y. This is one hell of a cool game for android that is now available for armv6 devices like our phone.

Street Fighter IV

Street fighter is a very popular game franchise series from capcom which was already around since I was grade 1. This was very popular on the nintendo "family computer"  console back in those days. Now it has been integrated on android and we are now having it on our galaxy y too!.

(Games) Earth and Legends HD cheat : Gold and XP hack

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This is a requested cheat so guys lay down you guys. I have been searching around and around and asking my friends what they used for the game when they played it to cheat it since I honestly don't play the game that much.

Earth and Legends HD cheat

I finally had these informations after doing some homework on my own. Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedules, I was not able to fully focus on the site. But anyways, this has been proven working by one of my friends.

(Apps) FACEinHOLE : Very Funny App

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Here is one fun app that you will surely love having on your galaxy y. This is a very simple apk that lets you edit the faces of every picture available and have your face edited on the pic instead.


If you have spent most of the time editing pics on photoshop using your PC, you will have that accomplished on this app within minutes! This is so fun that I had lots of my friends fooled by this..

(Games) Puppet War:FPS ep.1 Cheat : Unlock All

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          This is a cheat hack for one of the coolest FPS apps on the android market. The game is called Puppet War and this cheat hack is for the episode 1.

Puppet War:FPS ep.1 Cheat

You will need to have an app called titanium backup pro for this. This will automatically unlock all features! You can test this if you want and please be guided accordingly.

(Games) Mr. Slash : Cool Slashing Game

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              Finally, after searching for many weeks, I finally found this! This is an adventure slashing game where you get to play as a samurai. This is really a very nice game since it is on 3D. I really loved the concept and game play on this app since I just loved everything about samurais and ninjas.

Mr. Slash

         Although this game has limited features and map to play on, we still get to play against ninjas, samurais, barbarians and witches. This game has lot of potential on it and I Just can't wait for the next update on this game!

(Games) Spiderman Total Mayhem Level 9 Fix (Octarama forcle close fix)

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            It's very frustrating that we get force close error message when starting up this level. I was getting a lot of PM asking how to fix this. This was actually fixed by using some simple tactics to fool our device. The level simply is not for Armv6 devices but you can simply fool the device by changing build.prop.

Octarama forcle close fix

The game is simply playable by applying it with chainfire3D pro. But when you reach the mentioned level above, it suddenly gets a force close message. Please read terms and conditions before applying this. You can simply revert back but please make a backup of the file just in case.

(Games) Cheat Guide for Pokemon Flora Sky

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                 This is a cheat guide for the gameboid rom for android for the pokemon Flora sky. A very cool android RPG game that is enjoyed by everybody since its gameboy advance days.

Pokemon Flora sky cheat

One of the most sought franchise of the game's series. You can now have the complete guide on how to play this game. This is a really useful tool if you are having a very hard time playing this app on your android phone.

(Games) Pokemon Flora Sky : Gameboid Rom

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Pokemon Flora is one of the pokemon series that was played on Gameboy advanced many years Ago. This was one of the pixel games that we loved playing way back then. One of the most loved RPG games of all time, now made available on android.

Pokemon Flora Sky

This is the updated version of the game, modified and fixed. All force close and all errors is fixed on this game. So that means it runs perfectly for optimal gaming experience. Once you start playing, you just can't stop! That's how addicting this game is.

(Games) Alien TD HD : Be on your Battle mode!

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This is a very nice battle game as it focuses on easy controls and nice game play. This is one of those defense games that you get to play as a military commander and protect yourself against alien attacks!

Alien TD HD

One of the things I loved about this game is the graphics. It is smooth and well detailed and probably a game that you will surely love. This was just released 2012, so better grab your copy now!

Hello, Im Just sharing this again

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      Me and fellow admins have decided to put up a website a while back to share our secrets of earning online. As webmasters, we really don't have much to share on this site but android games and apps for your phone. But if you also want to have an some kind of insight on how things work, we can help you on your online careers.

The site was called

Click on read more to keep on reading.

Exams Day

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                Sorry for delays in updating the site. It's examinations day for grad school..
Will be updating a few days. I need my laptop for research and reviews..



(Games) X-Runner : Space Runner Game

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Hello Guys,

           Everyone has a need for speed. Although not all of us can make this true in reality, we can somehow experience this kind of rush while playing games. This is an android game that lets you do this in a futuristic way.


This is an android space runner game! You goal is to set off running in a barrage of obstacles. You will need to dodge, jump over space bridges and make sure that your character doesn't crash. More like temple run, it seems.

(Apps) Tornado 3D live wallpaper PK full

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            This is an amazing live wallpaper that I really recommend for you guys. It runs with superb quality and smoothness that I really am astonished on the results. Julie have been posting live wallpapers and this is my first post on the subject.

Tornado 3D live wallpaper

Most of us really think that live wallpapers make the phone run laggy. But this one is an exeption. It really is smooth and takes up less battery than usual. With full customization on the tornado part, this is one cool app for android.

(Video) How to flash back to stock rom using odin

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             We will keep things simple and straight forward. This is a video tutorial guide on how to use odin to install or revert back to stock rom. Sure way to fix phone if ever you're phone got bricked or your stuck on the samsung boot logo.

flash back to stock rom using odin

The steps are simple and really easy to follow. Just make sure you read terms and conditions before following this. Welcome noobs and for experts lay down your guns and let the noobs now what to do.

(Video) Tutorial on how to reset bin counter

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What will you do if had messed up the phone's hardware one day and you had already tried to customized your phone? Of course you will be unrooting it and then you will try to restore it to stock rom.

reset bin counter

Then you might think that you're off the hook and will go directly to the nearest service center and have the device warrantied. Think again. Samsung is much more clever than you think.

(Games) Hack Cheat for Temple Run : Unlock all!

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               If you feel like cheating temple run, then i can help you with this. With this basic cheat, you get to unlock almost everything on the game. Just remember that this only works for android since this is an android website obviously.

Hack Cheat for Temple Run

In the world game, who says cheaters never win. Just follow the very simple steps I'm going to provide so that this will work on your temple ran app.

(PC Tools) Real Apk Leacher : Extract pure apk from google play using your PC

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         This works the same with the previous apk graber that you can install as a google extension, but this one uses a different and tested method. This tool is called apk leacher that you can use on your computer to extract an apk from the google market for faster downloads.

Real Apk Leacher

This is really useful if you have issues downloading using your galaxy y, or if you need a back up apk file that you can use later. One of the few things I've learned during this whole process is that you can almost download all free apps including some paid apps if it allows you.

Hello to All!

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           We had a meeting yesterday and finally we decided on putting all android cheats together with the pc tools section. Due to huge demand, we finally made it a point to give in. 

Enjoy and Thank you,



(Video) Agent Dash Running Smooth On Galaxy Y

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Here is another video proof requested by my partner admin Julie so that we could prove that agent dash runs smoothly on Galaxy Y.

Agent Dash Running Smooth On Galaxy Y

Although there are minor lags in the game when there are lots of things going on, over all the game still runs smooth. No major force close or anything. Just follow the guide below.

(Bootanimation) Bios bootanimation

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This is a cool bootanimation for galaxy y. If you want this, please read terms and conditions before installing. And always make it a habit to make a backup of the original file.

Bios bootanimation

This bootanimation will look like the one above. It is really cool since most of the cellphones right now runs like a mini computer. And to really show that on the device, you can get it to show like it boots up like one.

Back to normal

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        Background for the site is back to normal after the 24 hours of black screen.

Please show your support by liking our facebook page, giving us +1, and recommending this site to your friends.



(Games) Jump Pack : Nice Graphic game

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Jump Pack is a highly addictive game like no other. Jump, hop and fly your way to the top while beating enemies and collecting the best power-ups.

Jump Pack

You're Jet Pack has run out of gas and is now coasting on fumes. It's got enough gas to push you to the next fun level, but that's about it!
Watch out for over 10 different types of deadly platforms with trap doors, spikes, crazy bombs and more.

To those who want to be part of iPlayGalaxyY

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We are inviting those who want to share some of their games and apps and other tweaks for this low end android phone to come join us and be part of our team. 

To those who want to be part of iPlayGalaxyY

Please follow the standard format in writing and please be guided on our guidelines.

(Apps) Ocean HD Live Wallpaper

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This is one impressive live wallpaper that focuses on realistic effects. The 3D graphics just blows you away. Simply astonishing.

Ocean HD Live Wallpaper

One of the most realistic fish live wallpapers out on the android market with many positive reviews. You can't get it on google play for free guys so better grab your copy here. Its smooth, and not hard on the battery.

(Games) Artic Escape HD : Puzzlers Come in!!

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This game is for puzzle lovers out there!
A mad scientist has abducted a colony of Antarctic penguins and spirited them away to the North Pole.

Artic Escape HD

It’s your job to help the penguins escape by navigating them through 100+ fun-and-frosty levels, using commands like "walk", "jump", "turn" and "wait". 

(Games) Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

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This app is developed by unlimitedx and is still on beta version. But even if it's still not fully developed, it shows a lot of potential. A well done Beta and probably if fully developed, will turn into one of the most interesting sled games for android.

Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

One of the best sled apps on the android market today. It's really funny yet there's a slight of brutality in it that we tend to love. 

(Games) RPG DarkGate : Want RPG? Go Get One!

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This is actually a nice RPG game app for our phone. I find the story line a bit interesting and I am trying my best to understand whats going on. Here is one RPG game for galaxy y so have fun!

RPG DarkGate

This RPG game features plenty of job classes and has many adventures that you can play. With powerful opponents that will actually test your decision skills, try this game now to experience what it feels to play a complete fantasy RPG game!

iPlayGalaxyY Goes Black

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                     We will be imposing a 24 black background for the site as a sign of slight disagreement for the cyber crime act being pushed in the Philippines. We find this as violating freedom of speech for bloggers like us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This will be removed 24 hours from now and all activities like downloads etc are still on normal operations.




(Apps) Red Droid Eye x2 Live Wallpaper

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Here is another cool live wallpaper that you can install guys. This is really cool since its red colored. I have all the colors of this live wallpaper that you can think of and if requested I can post the others too.

Red Droid Eye x2 Live Wallpaper

Since I just loved this app, I will be sharing this to you guys. Just install this apk as normal on your galaxy y and just enjoy it!

(Games) Wingsuit Stickman : What do you know, stickman can fly these days..

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Wingsuit Stickman now available!
Did you ever dream of flying down the highest mountains in the world? Now it's your time, join the Wingsuit Stickman experience, pack your wingsuit and glide through beautiful landscapes, cross the Alps. 

Wingsuit Stickman

 Fly down the Rocky Mountains or enter a deadly volcano while performing insane stunts, scaring birds and plane pilots and simply enjoy the wonderful experience of a perfect wingsuit proximity flight.

(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to make a live wallpaper much smoother

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This is a tutorial on how to tweak you device to let your takebe much smoother. Since live wallpapers is actually an app, it takes up ram and processor effort to run it on to your device screen. If you phone is a low end device like galaxy y, you can simply apply this to make it much smoother.

How to make a live wallpaper much smoother

Simply read terms and conditions so that you may understand the risk that you need to undergo to have this tweak installed. Always make a backup and please don't ask stupid questions like "whats my live wallpaper process name?". Just search on google.

(Games) Championship Karting 2012 3D : Enjoy Karting at its best

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Karting has never been this best. This is a 3D apk that is compatible with our phone. This is probably one of the best sgy games that has potential for karting out there. If you love karting that much then why not try it on your galaxy y?

Championship Karting 2012 3D

You get to control your kart in a racing track and battle it out with AI. Hopefully there will be more updates on this game since its really interesting if your an avid kart fan. This is not free on the market so grab your chance now!

(Games) Cheat Hacking Plants War : Gold, leaf, stats points, skill points

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This is for Gold, leaf, stats points, skill points cheat for plants war. This is for you to enable edit mode so that you can edit all things mentioned above. If you don't want to cheat then don't do this.

Plants war cheat hack

This has been tested working and also is a well known cheat for the game. If you still don't know this then good for you. Enjoy this cheat for plants war.

(Apps) Game Guardian : The long Lost Cheat app

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Ever Heard of GameCIH? Well this actually works the same as with that but is less detectable and will work on most games that you wanted to cheat on. If you are playing a game and have difficulty passing a level, then you will have no choice but to cheat.

Game Guardian

This will actually let you edit values that will make you own the game. Be responsible in using this app. Seems like this app cannot be found on the market anymore so I am sharing it again on this site so that you will know the wonders that Game Guardian app can make.

(Games) Agent Dash Cheat Hack : 1M gems and character unlock

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This is the all character and objectives unlock cheat for agent dash!
If you're getting fond now of playing agent dash and really wanted to take full advantage of the game, I can help you with that. As an avid gamer too, we on iplaygalaxyy are finding ways to make things easier for you guys.

Agent Dash Cheat Hack

This cheat is not intended for you to use if you really want to play the game yourself. You won't enjoy the game fully if you apply this cheat. So guys its for you to decide whether or not to apply this.

(Tweaks) FREE Internet Hack for TM Users (Touch Mobile) (Philippines)

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This is a simple hack for tm subscribers in the Philippines. You will be able to use your phone and connect to the internet for a limited period (I will explain later) with super fast connection.

FREE Internet Hack for TM Users

This is a tested process for galaxy y phones. I don't know about other android phones if you will be able to do this. Just try this out anyways.

(Games) Agent Dash armv6 apk : no Lags..

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 Everyone probably is familiar with Agent Dash. This is a game for android that is similar to temple run but shows no lags on galaxy y. Since this is a armv6 game, it is more developed in terms of graphics and sound. And whats the good news? It shows no lags like temple run does to our  phone.

Agent Dash armv6 apk

A decent game for sgy that gave me more than what I expected to get. I experienced more fun and excitement than most running games out there and I am happy that this game has no lags at all.

(Games) Pou : Raise your Cutest alien pet on your SGY

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This is a funny game for our SGY. I still remember raising my first electronic pet when I bought this small thing called tamagutchi back when I was young. And this one really brings back memories. You can now raise your own android pet on your phone!


One of the best sgy games or app that you can get to raise a pet. It is really very smooth to play and really fun. Relive you childhood memories with this game. I assure you you will really love it!

(Games) Pocket Legends : #1 MMORPG game for android

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MMORPG simply means its an rpg game but you can only play it online. This is the best online mmorpg game for android for 2011. And whats about it? Well I still consider it the best. This game is similar to ragnarok or MU online for PC.

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is a FREE online, multiplayer, fantasy adventure and 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). This smash hit made it's debut on the iPad and continues to be a fan favorite where players take on the role of a bear, hawk, or an elf and strive to save the world of Alterra from zombies, crocs, aliens, and more!

(Apps) Halloween Live Wallpaper Lite : It's nearly Halloween Guys!

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It's nearly halloween guys and to show that to your android phone, you may want to install a live wallpaper for it. This is a halloween live wallpaper that I find interesting to download and install on our galaxy y. Effects are stunning and superb. Recommended app for you guys!

Halloween Live Wallpaper Lite

This is really a cool live wallpaper for your android mobile. Now you can have a Halloween themed wallpaper on your phone. Have fun guys!

For all who inquired about the i7 CPU

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       to those who are still inquiring about the cpu, i'm sorry to inform you that its already sold.


(Tweaks) How to make back Button and Home Button Vibrate

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If you want this then do install this. If not then just don't do this. Please read terms and conditions and always make a backup of everything you do guys since you might regret the consequences.

How to make back Button and Home Button Vibrate

The main idea here is to make the buttons vibrate so that you will know if the phone recognizes that you pressed the buttons. This actually is helpful if you really want to make sure that you pressed the buttons exactly as you've wanted.

(ROM) Sweet Dread 5 for Galaxy Y

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After releasing version 2, dev came up with v5 which is a bit more developed than previous versions. Please read terms and conditions and give credits to dev. Check source here.

Sweet Dread 5 for Galaxy Y

A nice neat rom that has minimal bugs on it. Not much to give but still a good rom. Not all roms are given exposure these days and its hard to see this one go to waste.

(Games) Zynga Poker : #1 poker game on Facebook

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If you love poker.. then here's one for you guys!
Play Zynga Poker #1 Texas Hold‘em Game on Facebook! FREE 10K chips with download
New 1-on-1 Poker mode!

Zynga Poker

Play turn-based, heads up hold'em poker with Facebook friends or random opponents!
Play a live hand of Texas Hold’em against millions of real players with Zynga Poker, the #1 social Texas Hold’em game on Facebook.

(Apps) Circle Launcher PRO : Another Launcher for Galaxy Y

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This is a another launcher that is really interesting not because of the looks but the way your icons can be arranged. You can set up customization options as well, to make it look better.

Circle Launcher PRO

This app works good but there seems to be an issue with facebook. Just read further for instructions. One of the most organized launcher that you can get.

(Games) Plants vs Zombies infinite sun Cheat

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If you're new with this game, you will probably have a hard time playing it with those limited suns popping out. What if you can get unlimited or infinite suns?

Plants vs Zombies infinite sun Cheat

Since plants vs zombies is really popular, most cheats are nearly impossible to make. We actually discovered this while messing around with different ways to play it.

(Games) Age of War : Battle it out!

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Beat the alien zergs! Defend your homeland! Evolve!
Age of War is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game.

Age of War

The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. 
You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's.

(Games) Zenonia 4 Cheat Hacks (Tutorial)

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Zenonia 4 is probably the most well known among RPG games today. You can download the modded unlimited zen version of the game on this site too!

Zenonia 4 Cheat Hacks

We have compiled some of the working hacks and compiled it to share it with you guys! You can do whatever you want with this hacks but please be careful as it might damage the phone. Joke. This includes all tutorial on tested hacks on the app. Have fun!

(Apps) Animated Analog Clock Widget

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This is a cool clock widget since it will run on the screen like a real clock. See the second hand move... If you want a realistic clock on your phone then this is the app that you will need.

Animated Analog Clock Widget

I really want to have a clock that emulates a real clock on the phone since its really hard to tell the exact time in terms of seconds. With this you will get a real looking second hand that moves and acts the same way as a real clock will do.