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(Games) Zolaman Robot Gunz HD

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The main character; Zolaman is one of very popular cartoon character for children’s story book and it reconstructed as game now!

Zolaman Robot Gunz HD apk

 Zolaman Robot gunz is the shooting game which has unlimited combating game plays with powerful Boss and different weapons of all kinds and upgrading system!

(Games) Temple Run 2 : Better!

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Following the 1st sequel of temple run, the 2nd series is now released. Better gameplay, exciting and more addicting! No wonder that this game is one of the most played in any android and ios device.

Temple Run 2 apk

The game that made running games interesting, download this game on your galaxy y and have the run of your life! More characters to play with and more exciting locations to run with.

(Games) Vampoo: A little Vampire

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       Vampoo: A little vampire is a very cute and fun way to enjoy your android fun. In this game you get to play as Vampoo, on his way to save his beloved. Get ready to enjoy this amazing strategy adventure game.

Vampoo: A little Vampire apk

         When playing this, you need to think ahead so that you won't fail. This game has lots of levels to play with, and it get's a bit harder as every level pass.

(Games) HellyBelly

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What would you do if your on your way to work and you suddenly get a stomach ache. Relate? Well it happens to all of us!

HellyBelly apk

Let's see how good you are in playing this game. You get to play as Mr. Poo, an ordinary worker on a rampage to get to the nearest toilet.

(Games) Expendable Rearmed

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For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its horizons. The most suitable planets and moons near Earth have been terraformed, turning the once-inhospitable wastelands into habitable places.

Expendable Rearmed apk

 Deeper and deeper into the universe mankind spread itself, until only a mere handful of humans would or could survive the journey. These distant worlds became industrial powerhouses colonized by few human beings.
For all he knew, man was alone in the vastness of space, until they came...
The G'neng.

(Games) Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD

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Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD, the critically acclaimed and multi award-winning outer space epos for mobile devices, has been heavily optimized to utilize the eight core rendering power of Tegra’s GeForce GPU, bringing console-gaming quality to mobile devices.

Catapulted into a war-torn future, eminent space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful alien race. Uncovering the truth about this dangerous species, he boldly takes the fight to their doorstep. Join Keith in an intergalactic trek of exploration, pirates, space battles, weird aliens and romance.

(Games) Hess Helicopter

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Buckle up for endless racing action inspired by the 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue! Superb 3D graphics awaits you!

Hess Helicopter apk

Rev up the rugged Hess SUV and barrel down city streets. Swerve to avoid cars and construction while collecting power-ups to send yourself flying over traffic in the powerful Hess Chopper!

(Games) Knight's Trial

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A hero who finds his village razed and forced to suffer the judgment of Knights. SQUARE ENIX LATIN AMERICA GAME CONTEST 2012 SECOND FINALIST!

Knight's Trial apk

 In Knight’s Trial the player controls a hero who finds his village razed by orcs and forced to suffer the judgment of the Knights, whose freedom can only be won through battles.

(Games) Zolaman Robot Gunz HD

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The main character; Zolaman is one of very popular cartoon character for children’s story book and it reconstructed as game now!

Zolaman Robot Gunz HD apk

 Zolaman Robot gunz is the shooting game which has unlimited combating game plays with powerful Boss and different weapons of all kinds and upgrading system!

(Games) XARM : Extreme Arm Wresting 3D

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XARM® is a hybrid sport like MMA, but more. It combines arm wrestling, grappling, kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu, with the fighters tethered arm-to-arm across a small XARM table.

XARM : Extreme Arm Wresting 3D apk

locked in hand-to-hand combat, there is literally no place to run and no place to hide. the bouts consist of three 1-minute rounds of non-stop action. It takes balls and brains to succeed at XARM. That's why it is known as The Roughest Three Minutes in Sports!

(Games) Shrek Kart Racing HD

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Once upon a time... Shrek and his friends are on a quest: becoming the fastest driver in Kart United! Run your own fairy tale ending to the wheel of a go-kart custom for each character and try to win Ye Grand tournament.

 Explore the places of interest and secret shortcuts throughout the Kingdom, the House of Shrek in the swamp of the compound sacred Worcestershire high streets palm far Far Away. Challenge your friends to eat multiplayer modes dust and sand!

(Games) Cannon Legend

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 A first person perspective 3D defense game with a neat fantasy twist, it's graphic quality can almost be equal to World Of Warcraft!

Millions of villages have been destroyed. People are plunged into misery and suffering. The Scourge sent their evil army attempts to destroy the world.

(Games) Come on Baby apk

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Babylimpics? What the heck. This is a fun and very cute game for all baby lovers out there. Ready your diapers.. Ready.. Set.. GO!!

Come on Baby! apk

Come on baby is an arcade sports game that lets you use a baby character to compete in interesting sports events. You can create your own baby character and also match with other players online! Now we can surely compete by country using our babies. He he he

(Games) GraveStompers:Zombie vs Zombie

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Grave stompers high 3d graphics gameplay is a fun way to have fun on your galaxy y. This game is an interesting zombie slaying game. Zombie eradication has only gotten better!

GraveStompers:Zombie vs Zombie apk

You get to play and choose among awesome characters and equip yourself with powerful weapons. Do your  best to survive as long as you can and prove that you are the best zombie slayer. Zombie fans, this is the game for you. This game rocks!

(Games) Extreme Road Trip 2

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  Are you a speed demon? If yes then this is the game for you. One of the best nitro boosting games that is compatible with armv6 devices. Unlock new cars and gather coins to do overdrive and do awesome upgrades!

Extreme Road Trip 2 apk

One racing game that will is a great time killer. Awesome graphics and game play awaits you. Hold on to your seatbelt and be ready for the ride of your life!

It's Almost Time!

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Time is almost set for our most awaited event! We are giving again another free galaxy y on January 20, 2013.

This time, it will be a galaxy y that is really popular in Japan. We have some of this sold already here and we really don't mind giving one! This is only open to people who had liked our facebook page. If you haven't liked, then you still have a chance!

Draw will be done automated with no restrictions in regards to country, age, sex, activity nor comments. All those who liked our facebook page are eligible to win this. Package will be sent via mail.

Winner will need to send a picture holding the prize.

Draw time will be done 11:55pm est (american time)
Please be guided accordingly.
There is no greater way to thank you guys but this.




(Games) Ninja Feet of Fury : Final Ninja Test

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Ninja Feet of Fury is a 3D runner game that resembles other games of its kind. This time, you get to play as a ninja. Ninja feet of fury is a must have game for android lovers out there who just want to play ninja.

Ninja Feet of Fury apk

With it's awesome 3D graphics, this game has an advantage and a wow factor on how it looks. Vivid colors and well created backgrounds not only enhances ones field of view, but also enhances one's enjoyment in playing the game.

(Games) Wild Hunter 3D Full

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A first person shooter that resembles games in the past like virtual cop. This one is called wild hunter and its in full 3D. If you want to have quick action shooting game, then this is the one for you! Get ready to do it the wild side!

Wild Hunter 3D Full apk

You get to play as a bounty hunter, out to hunt the bad guys (outlaws) out there. There are no limits on what you can do with a gun. Shoot all you can and ready your funger reflexes.

(Games) Range of the Dead : Shoot em Zombies

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        Range of the Dead is a first person shooting game that lets you blast away zombies in a fun way. Originally working for armv7 phones but was now ported to work for armv6. Well, zombiepocalypse is becoming a craze this days.

Range of the Dead apk

You get to play as Allen C. Tyler, from the same Lab of the dead game. Now that he is out of the Lab, he needs to go to a place called Senoia. You need to guide him and shoot your way towards the town.

(Bootanimation) Plasma Fire

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This is a pretty bootanimation for the phone. Nice flashing colors and unique output design that makes your phone look more attractive during start ups. Neatly done and does not lag when booting up.

       This is pretty simple to install so just follow the instructions mentioned on the post. Enjoy this one guys.