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PC tools: How to get a Mastercard using Payoneer FOR FREE

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If you're currently wondering where to get a Mastercard for your online international money then here's a simple solution. You don't need to pay anything, in fact you will get free $25 dollars on your account when you sign up and deposit your first $100. Anyway, this is legit so there is nothing to worry about. Once again, ITS FREE.

How to get a free Payoneer Mastercard 

I'm just sharing this so I could help. You just need to follow the instructions below and sign up using the link. You need to fill it up with your complete details (do not make up your information). Don't worry, like what I said this is legit. You can also share this page to your friends to help them get their mastercards as well.

Its all free

1. Register here
Click here

(Free $25 upon sign up and deposit of 100$)

2. Complete all the details using your true information.
Confirm using your ID (passport, Driver's license, National ID)

3. Wait for it to be Delivered
Usually it will take 27 days. So just be patient and wait.

Please share this page to others so I could help them as well. Thanks.

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