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Almost 3 years

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Hello guys.

It's almost 3 years now since I last posted on this site. I had so much going on this past few years and looking back to all the memories we've shared, I kinda miss it.

As you all know, the Samsung galaxy y phone has almost become irrelevant to today's fast forward technology. It did go strong for a few years but declined due to phones that have higher specs and ram. It's sad to see how our little phone suddenly went out of the scene due to this inescapable circumstances.

Due to lack of hardcore specs, the phone can't handle much of the newly developed apps and games. It will still work on some easy graphic games but somehow. it finds a way to lag (due to low ram). As you all know, our phone doesn't even reach 1ghz of core power.

Anyways, I will continue writing on this site once again. But this time it will be about apps and games that will work on high end phones. The legacy of our galaxy y phones will never be forgotten. To those who have shared the experience with me, I hope that you will still continue your support. We will power up this site one more time. To those broken links, I can no longer fix it. I will update new links instead. We will lighten the website load to reduce lags and optimize the blog again.

To those dev and modders who helped pave the way for usable apps for our little phone. Thank you.



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