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Samsung Galaxy S7: Monster to be unleashed

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The rumors have been around since last days of 2015 about the Samsung giant's next flagship phone. The successor of the galaxy S6 as expected by many would be huge. But it was not clear a few months ago when the phone would be released in public. As months go by, there are many leaks about the phone and many pics showing the exterior design. So, we were not surprised to see that it would be out in for the public to see next month.

Samsung galaxy s7 specs

We had also crossed our fingers that the S7 would be back on track to support SD cards and removable battery. It has become a trend for flagship phones of huge phone companies to disregard how important it is to have a removable battery and an SD card slot. Many comsumers have already complained about this and hopefully Samsung would pay attention this time.
Like the S6 series, the S7 phone line will come in two variants. It will come with a regular 5.1 Super amoled screen for the regular S7 and a 5.5 quad HD screen for the S7 edge variant. It will run on Android marshmallow 6.0 with a new UI TouchWiz skin.

It will run on a Snapdragon 820 SoC (processor) which has been seen benchmark in Antutu with huge and amazing results. The phone is also equipped with a huge ram of 4gb which is enough to power the phone smoothly.

The regular S7 will come sadly with a 3,000mah non removable battery and the edge variant with a 3,600mah battery. Hopefully it will power the phone up enough for a day or two with regular usage. A removable battery might have been good, but considering that the phone is water resistant makes it an excuse for the non removable batt.

Both variants will come with the pressure sensitive display, like the "3d touch" of apple 6s lineup. The camera is reported to be a 12mp camera but with an f/1.7. This might be a turnoff for people who are used to having a camera that has higher MP. But I assure you, MP wont matter that much as long as the lens is good. Then there's the support for the SD card. Yey!. At least that's back on the S7 series.

I would like to buy this phone if given the chance, but I know that it would really be expensive since its a flagship phone. But anyways, to those of you who are planning to buy, I'm then sure that you are buying a monster in disguise.

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