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(Apps) Recipe Search : One of the featured apps on Google Play

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Ever loved cooking at home? Dreamed of finding those recipes that you can't seem to find on the net? Well iv'e got a solution for you. I'm posting this app that is one of the featured apps on the android market today and is very compatible with your Galaxy Y!

Experience over 70 thousand recipes uploaded on its directory. This is really one cool app, since i love cooking, I really find this app very useful.

Application Features:

 Complete recipes directions, ingredients and reviews.
- Search recipes by ingredients and food title.
- Forums on food related topics. 
- Bookmark recipes for quick access. Just like a cookbook. 
- Full functional forums with emphasis in recipes, food and health.
- Full sharing of recipes to: email, sms, twitter, facebook and others.
- Sharing and send links to so your friends can see your recipes.
- Create your own recipes; share with friends and community.

- Save and share your shopping list to help you later when doing grocery shopping.

Just enjoy cooking at home using this app, be a cook and deliver your gourmets with style. Discover your passion for cooking using your android galaxy y.

Download here

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