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(Tweaks) Camera Modded (Better Quality) Galaxy Y

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Showing this post for better camera quality for you galaxy y. As we all know, galaxy y only has 3megapixels camera, but you can still mod it to make it clearer

Hey Guys....

Here, I am with a modded camera.apk for better clarity and performance

I would like to thank vishwanathptl for makin this MOD for Galaxy Fit and inspiring me to do it for Galaxy Y

The changes made are (Copied from Fit Forum )

•audio frequency increased from 16000Hz to 44100Hz
•audio channels increased from mono(1 channel) to stereo(2 channel)
•superfine quality has been increased heavily
•audio bitrate increased to 128kbps AAC
•maximum framerate has been increased to 30fps(its variable bitrate so u wont get 30fps everytime)
•Access camera during call ( not so important but few might want it :P )

So guys here is the recommended settings to get highest quality:

640x480 resolution
superfine video quality
Download here

I havnt tested this yet cause i dont own a Galaxy Y so test it ASAP and tell me the review

Backup the stock camera.apk before tryin this.....

Installation Procedure :

Downlaod the zip file and xtract it
Connect your Mobile to the computer using Data cable
Click install.bat file in the xtracted folder

Thanks to dev

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julie duran said...

new link for camera mod . link updated since old link is not working