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(Tweaks) Vivek Kernel For Galaxy Y - S5360

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I am Compiling The kernel for Samsung Galaxy Y.First of all I have to say that I don't have this You guys are my only hope to test the kernel.I have successfully Compiled my first kernel which do not contain any additional features.I was posting my kernel in the maroc-OC's kernel thread.Now that I was able to compile a bootable kernel I am starting this thread to avoid confusion among the users.


Kernel Vivek : init.d busybox

Download : Vivek_-_init.d_busybox

Kernel V9 (Working)
  • Added I/O schedulers
  • Added Busybox
  • Added SU
  • removed CPU Governors
  • init.d support
    Copy your init scripts to /system/etc/init.d/
    Make sure the name starts with a S, and set the permissions to 777

V9 - Without su,busybox,init.d features (only compression)
Download : Vivek_kernel_build_V9_1

Kernel V7

Download : Vivek_kernel_build_V7

CPU Governors
  • Lazy
  • brazilianWax
  • minmax
  • smartass
  • smoothass
  • Lionheart
  • Scary
  • Interactive
  • Savagedzen
  • Lagfree
  • smartassV2

Kernel V6

Download : Vivek_Kernel_build_-V6

IO schedulers
  • Noop
  • Deadline
  • CfQ

Kernel V1

Link : vivek V1
  • just bootable
  • no additional features

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