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(Games) TEMPLE RUN!! finally released on Android OS

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This is the release of temple run that you can play on your galaxy y. Finally it has been released as one of the downloadable apps. You can download it for free here! just skip ads on next page. Already checked the codes to improve graphics a bit.

Here are the things you need before playing:
1. NEEDS CHAINFIRE  : go to page
 instructions: tick on reduce texture quality and plugin is QUALCOMM
2. ROOT ACCESS : go to page

Being one of the most played games on iOS version, temple run has slowly made it's way to Android after waiting for about 3 months. This is on of the games that has simple rules to follow:

- Run as fast as you can from temple monsters and just slide your finger to turn, jump and slide through temple obstacles.
- collect as many coins as you can to purchase upgrades from the temple store (within the game.)

Although the game suffers a lot about graphics on galaxy y, it's still playable and still enjoyable (lags a bit on start-up and tutorial part where you collect coins, graphics are scrambled) :-(

- shift on left and wait till you've noticed that all coins on left are collected then shift right and wait 3 seconds then shift left again.

Download here

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