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(Tweaks) ROOTING your Samsung GALAXY Y

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Rooting will allow you to have special access to your androids system files (superuser access).

Allows you also to install apps that requires superuser access with root (superuser app will apear on the menu).


allows you to tweak your device to increase speed, performance and enhance its features.
allows you to connect through wifi or other network services using your phone as modem


download here for zip file :

Other download links
Mediafire link (if link fails try updated links below)
Link 0
Link 1
Updated Link 09/10/2012
Link 2

search for the file in downloads folder and move to the root of your SD (meaning place it directly on the sd card without entering any folder) mnt/sd

1. turn of your samsung android galaxy y
2. boot into recovery mode:
 press volume up+powerbutton+menu button(the only button on the front of your galaxy y)
3. use your volume controls to scroll up or down and choose update from zip and press menu button to select
4. choose and select using menu button
5. wait till finishes install and choose reboot phone.

There is a new way of Rooting galaxy y if you don't want this. Click on link below:


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