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(tweaks) changing lcd density without using apps

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I will teach you how to hack on your android galaxy y system files to change the lcd density without using apps that take up more internal storage. This will maker the letters look smaller and thr screen run a bit faster like changing screen resolution on a pc (800x6000 to 768x1028). This time it will be done on a samsung galaxy y. Android phones install there OS on the phones internal memory and u cant access this without a root app which is a basic app that you need to install if your using root.

this is just to update you. its up to you if you want to do this or not, i will not be held responsible for any issues.

1, just download a root explorer from the market or simply just click here : go to page
2. Make sure u have superuser. If u dont have, check how to root on this blog : go to page
3. Open root explorer and allow superuser access.
4. look for the system folder and select it
5. tap mount r/o to change it to r/w (meaning from read only to read and write)
6. long tap build prop to bring out options, choose open using txt editor

7. look for ro.sf.lcd_density=120

8. change the value to 110 or 100 depending on your taste.
9. dont chose a lower value since phone make not display anything at all. like what i said i will not be held responsible.
10. save it, original build.prop will be named buildprop.bak for back up.
11. if you dont want it just go back and change value to 120

issues: some apps will force close if this is done and if you also try to download apps on market it will show as not compatible with your device. just follow steps to reverse it as stated above.


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