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(Apps) Fingerprint Security LOCK apk: lock your phone and use your fingerprint (biometrics) to unlock it

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This is the real fingerprint lockscreen.

A lot of fingerprint lock apps are on the net today. But many of them are just to fool others and not lock the phone. This is the real thing that locks/unlocks your phone!! download here for your galaxy y android cellphone.

Here's the deal, this thing locks your phone completely but of course it does not read your fingerprint, it just flashes a scanning thing ( up down movement once you place your finger on the box), you can set up vibrate or sound. The number of vibrates or up down movement will be the one that determines whether it will unlock the phone.

If others will place their finger too long or to short on your galaxy y android, it will not unlock, it will say access denied, but if the correct number of up down movement or vibration is correct once use removes finger then it will say access granted!!

Keep watch, ill place more apps that are useful for your galaxy y

Download here

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