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(Games) Pac-Man apk for android: Return to the classics!

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 Pacman is the most iconic game figure in the 80's and 90's. Don't you just love the classics? To all the old school peeps out there. Here's one for you guys!

Pac-Man apk

Pacman was originally made by Namco and was originally made for US based video gamers. Was released in japan in year 1980. It became an international phenomenon and was greatly admired world wide.

Now that it has made its way on the android device, this game will surely earn its right as the top game for mobile android devices!

Just have fun with this game and enjoy..


Pac-Man apk

Pac-Man apk


How do you play these game?
(I will be surprised if you don't know)

Collect all the golden dots and avoid the monsters trying to eat you.

Simple and fun! Strategy is immensely needed and intense concentration will make your nose bleed. Game becomes faster and faster as levels progress.



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