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(ROM) Creeds ROM v3.1 : best ROM there is

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 One of the best ROMs available for your galaxy y today. Download it here for free!! Just take quick survey to unlock download

*Overclocked -819Mhz with no Battery Drain
*Ext4 File System
*17 Governors For Performance
*SIO, VR, BFQ, CFQ, Deadline, noop I/O Shedulers
*Most Advanced Touchwiz Launcher (Creeds Home)
*13 Seconds to Bootup
*Performance Hacks
*Display+Sound Hacks
*14 Status Bar Toggles
*Swipe to Remove Notification
*Extended Power Menu
*Darktremor App2sd Support

Changes in Creeds' Revolution v3.1 from v3.0

*Low Notification Volume fix
*New Kernel Based on Samsung's New Sources
*More Frequencies added for Overclocking (Specially between 600 and 787)
*Light Weight ~around 25 mb less size (will provide a patch for deleted files)
*Some Bloatwares Removed
*5 Status bar toggles in portrait mode
*Some other Bug Fixes

Creeds' Revolution v3.0 Overview

* Based on DDKT3 2.3.6 Rom
* Root- Adb & Su
* Busybox
* Ext4 Filesystem as Primary
* Support for Ext2/3
* Enabled Swap
* Zipaligned
* Stable Overclocked Kernel upto 819Mhz with Undervolt
* No battery drain issue even on max Overclock
* 17 Cpu Governors - brazillianwax,interactive,Scary,userspace,lazy smoothass SavagedZen,interactiveX,lagfreeconservative,powers ave
Lionheart,Ondemand and Powersave
* 5 I/O Sheduler -vr,cfq,sio,noop,deadline
* No-frills app added for sliding Frequencies
* Cf-Root Kernel Included (thanks to Chainfire)
* Enabled Bootanimation
* 13 seconds to Boot
* CWM Manager and Tweaks Manager Added (Cf-Root Parts)
* Darktremor App2sd
* 14 Status Bar Toggles (Fixed Flashlight)
* Swipe to Remove Notification ~Hot
* Extended Power Menu (Restart,Recovery & Download)
* Added Tweaks For Faster Performance
* Creeds Home- Smartest and Fastest Touchwiz
* Mms app with skin chooser and various limitations removed
* Dsp Manager
* Customizable Apps Background
* Apps background Transparency (Optional)-You can see your Wallpaper on Every App Background.Causes a minor Keyboard bug.
* Transparency in various other areas
* Updated Apps
* Improved Camera App with ability to take pictures with the Power Button (thanks to Wilfred)
* Miui Music Player as default
* Ics Circle lock, New Call Receiver and Overscroll effect (from stock)
* ICS Animation
* Fixed Apps Compability from v2.0 for apps that werent able to install
* Fixed Moving Dalvik Cache to Sd problem
* New Status bar Layout with 4 Toogles in one screen in portrait and 6 in Landscape.
* Faster and Smoother Performance from v2.0
* Battery Percentage with increment rate of 1%
* Crt Screen Off and On Animation
* Crt works even when set to ->No Animations
* Arabic Patch with RTL Fix
* UI Close to Stock

Download Creeds ROM v3.1 here

Download Creeds ROM v3.0 here

How to Install Rom:

1.Download ROM and Copy to SD Card.
2.Install Clockworkmod Recovery From Here: (see tweaks page to know and download)
3.Boot Into Recovery Mode.
4.Flash Via CWM.
5.Do a Data Reset.

Enjoy for your galaxy y
visit dev site :

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