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(tweaks) SmokingHAL version 2.2 : Increase smoothness

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          This script enables fast response and increased frame rate response for galaxy y for a more smoother transition. Please read terms and conditions before installing and always do backup your system before any changes. It's really important if you really need to revert back to your previous configurations.

          One of the key points that this script does is eliminate wakelock/reboot issues on some custom kernels especially merruks. As you noticed, when your screen turns off and you press the power key, it sometimes takes 4-5 seconds before the screen pops on again. This simply eliminates the delay. Please give credits to dev for the hardwork. Source

How to install this

1. Using root explorer (which you can download from this site) or any other file explorer that allows you to browse the root directory, go to your init.d folder and simply delete all other scripts installed to avoid complications or clashes. If you don't have init.d then that means your kernel or rom simply does not support it.

2. Reboot using CWM (download from tweaks page)
3. flash the zip file and reboot phone.

Your phone will work smoothly and will have a faster response rate.

Have fun

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