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(PC Tools) Zopeo website : Find people anywhere on the world!

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You might be wondering what this is. Zopeo is one of the websites that let's you access 800 million profiles around the net! Yes that true! This site specializes in searching people, anywhere, around the world! Possibly somebody you know that you haven't met for quite a while is just a click away!


I find this site quite useful since most of us have a hard time trying to find someone that we haven't been in touch for quite a while. Finding someone is now much easier on the web than before.

What to do when you're on the site:
1. open the site or click here
2. type in the name of the person you want to find
3. nearest results will pop out automatically
4. additional search options are available if you want to filter out

Very easy and useful. I believe this site will help more people someday. Connecting people back together is really a great idea and I'm sure can help reunite love ones that are separated due to lack of communication.

What a great way to help somebody!


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