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(Apps) LingLing : Learn language the fast way

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           Hello guys I'm back after almost a month of being absent due to dengue. Well here's an app that I think you should try out. This app is called lingling and is a helpful way to learn something new. This android application let's you learn English, Spanish and Thai language faster than before. In just 10 months, you will surely have an edge. What a great way to break the language barrier!

lingling apk

One way of learning something the fun way. This is a must have app for all ages. Especially for students who are having a hard time in their studies. Download the app now and I'm sure you'll find it interesting!

One feature I love on this app is the characters and background images they put on it. Aside from the creativity, this app offers a much relaxed environment to learn things. Simple and yet very educational. Here are some screenshots from the application below:

From the english app:

From the Thai App:

From the Spanish App:

✔ Learn Language by playing an exciting and beautiful game in HD
✔ Create your avatar from over a billion of combinations and go with him through this amazing adventure
✔ Discover all the secret Achievements and hidden bonuses
✔ 20 times faster learning than traditional methods - 750 new words each month
✔ Database of 21.000+ Words in 3 difficulty levels, and still growing (1500 for free)
✔ Already translated into 17 languages (Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Tagalog, Hindu, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)
✔ Compete with other people – Challenge your friends
✔ Share your progress – show people how fast you are becoming better each day!

English video
Thai Video
Spanish Video


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