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(Games) CrazyFist II : Run no more

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CrazyFist II is an interesting game similar to temple run but has a twist on it. Instead of you running FROM your enemies, you get to end up chasing after them. Quite a bit odd but still quite a lot of fun!

CrazyFist II apk

This game is quite laggy so you have to install chainfire 3d pro to play the game. Graphics are quite complicated since it was done in an awesome way that is really bad for our little android phone which has minimum specs. Thanks to chainfire we still can play the game smoothly.


Install chainfire first
- choose qualcomm
- tick reduce texture quality



Exciting combat combo.
Simple screen touching and stroking operation,
New acting elements of parkour style, great feeling of hitting, speed and operating
Warblade, Magic, Boomerang. Different Hero has variously gorgeous visual effect of attacking.
Combine interesting items and skills to pursue high score

Nice visuals and cool game play awaits you guys. Better have this installed on your device and experience a one of a kind game that makes me wonder why we get to chase this time.



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