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(ROM) Alfa Rom version 4.2 Ultimate Edition

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      Lately, there is currently a boom in rom development for galaxy y. Everyone seems to be quite excited in developing new things for this little phone. Even though its quite a little outdated already due to the fact that newer and faster phones are coming out each month, galaxy y is still simply a phone that you can get your money's worth.

Alfa Rom version 4.2 Ultimate Edition

      This rom simply looks amazing and one thing I find interesting in this rom is it's simplicity. Using adw launcher with customized icons that really makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the UI. Aside from the look and feel, this one has tweaks for low battery consumption and better ram management.

Even though this rom has bugs of it's own, it's still usable. We just need to wait for further updates from dev about this rom. Please read terms and conditions before installing, make a backup of your current rom and give credits to dev.


- Alfa Tweaks - Less battery usage and less Memory Ram usage
- Beats Audio
- ZRam
- White Kernel 1.3.3
- Extended Power Menu (EPM)
- GPS Tweaks
- Firewall
- ADW Launcher
- 7 Lockscreens
- 5 frequencies
- Alfa Parts
- Blue Lockscreens
- 14 Toogles on Status Bar
- Swipe to Remove Notifications

How to install:
- reboot to recovery 
- Use cwm
- wipe data and cache
- flash rom
- reboot phone

People behind this:
Alfa Team
Thalisson Bandeiras
Matheus Oliveira
Livio de Oliveira
Cosmo Abdon

There are some few bugs reported about this. Force closes while opening and setting alarm clock, no task manager etc.. We need to wait for further development for this to be fixed.


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