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(Games) Alone at War : Play it simple

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I Stumbled on downloading this game quite a while now when I was still sick. Interesting and really crazy i think. One of the weirdest games I ever played and has a lot of x factor on it. Recommended for all ages!

Alone at War apk

This game is called alone at war. You obviously get to play an unlikely hero which is situated at the bottom left hand-side corner of the screen with a bow and arrow as a weapon.

You get to defend your kingdom (which I think is no help at all since you are the only one trying to save it) against evil enemies that come nonstop until the sun sets.

Equipped with only a bow and arrow, you must target and shower your enemies with your mighty arrows until they all fall dead. As you hit combos, you will acquire special arrows or spells as well.

Quite an interesting game as I find all the characters and background very unusual. Mostly this game rocks and is really a great way to spend some time with your phone.


Remember that you get to have a rest on sunset. Do battles on daylight and rest on nighttime.

Have fun guys!


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