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What would you do if your on your way to work and you suddenly get a stomach ache. Relate? Well it happens to all of us!

HellyBelly apk

Let's see how good you are in playing this game. You get to play as Mr. Poo, an ordinary worker on a rampage to get to the nearest toilet.

Guide him and dodge all obstacles for him to survive. Its your job to help him reach the nearest bathroom and pass all levels.


- Install apk
- Place data files on Android/obb/
- Run the game using chainfire 3d
- tick on reduce texture quality and size and use qualcomm as plugin

- Dodge all enemies and collect a toilet roll on the way to safely guide Mr. Poo to the toilet
- Upgrade various items to increase Mr. Poo's survivability 
- Overcome dangerous moments with the power of new characters! 
- Please enjoy the 12 free stages!!


5 (mga) puna:

Anonymous said...

2 problem whit this blog..1-cant even play almost all the download game on sgy..2-so many broken linked..wasted my time download..sory to say ownner..

utkarsh12 said...

hey joulie have u tried temple run 2 for galaxy its gvng pixel problem .jst gv it a try cn u solve that probelm

utkarsh12 said...

joulie m having meruk kernel how cn i gt ny odr kernel whle flashng through cwm cn u tell?

julie duran said...

You need to go back to stock kernel first then you can flash other kernels to avoid complications

-- i havent tried temple run 2, will try to test it.. :-)

utkarsh12 said...

is dre ny way to flash stock kernel flash through recovery mode.