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(Games) Wild Hunter 3D Full

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A first person shooter that resembles games in the past like virtual cop. This one is called wild hunter and its in full 3D. If you want to have quick action shooting game, then this is the one for you! Get ready to do it the wild side!

Wild Hunter 3D Full apk

You get to play as a bounty hunter, out to hunt the bad guys (outlaws) out there. There are no limits on what you can do with a gun. Shoot all you can and ready your funger reflexes.

Since this game is in full 3D, Please use chainfire to play the game.
- tick reduce texture quality
- use qualcomm


Download here

- amazing 3D graphics
- Fast gun play
- wise AI
- lots of places to go to

One thing I noticed on this game is the part that you get to kill the boss with the chest plating. It requires more timing since you need to hit the boss exactly on the right spot to kill him.

Just get used to the lags guys.. Our phone is not that fast..



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