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(Games) Knight's Trial

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A hero who finds his village razed and forced to suffer the judgment of Knights. SQUARE ENIX LATIN AMERICA GAME CONTEST 2012 SECOND FINALIST!

Knight's Trial apk

 In Knight’s Trial the player controls a hero who finds his village razed by orcs and forced to suffer the judgment of the Knights, whose freedom can only be won through battles.

The trial is carried out on scenarios where hordes of orcs rush to try to kill you or kick you out of the arena. To defend the himself the knight has a variety of skills such as meteors, flamethrowers, time control, earthquakes, and a vast arsenal of swords, hammers, staves and magic equipment, which can be combined in hundreds of different ways, according to the preference the player.

For example, if the player chooses to use melee weapons, it can specialize in skills such as Cut, Blade Storm and Seismic Impact, which despite its short range, are lethal.

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In each scenario the protagonist has the option to eliminate their enemies causing them damage or trying to throw them out of the field. The arenas are guarded by powerful Orc commanders such as Olinad “The murderer,” the champion of the Desert Arena, Columbus ” The swamps Explorer” and even go through hostile forests to reach Smithson “The Destroyer”.

Will require chainfire3d
- reduce texture quality
- use qualcomm plugin


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