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(Games) Come on Baby apk

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Babylimpics? What the heck. This is a fun and very cute game for all baby lovers out there. Ready your diapers.. Ready.. Set.. GO!!

Come on Baby! apk

Come on baby is an arcade sports game that lets you use a baby character to compete in interesting sports events. You can create your own baby character and also match with other players online! Now we can surely compete by country using our babies. He he he

Let's see who the best baby is..


Download here


✔ Six funny and comic sports games
- Shake it Shake it
- Electrifying jump rope
- The prince of balance
- Shoot the Rhino
- 100M Crawling Race
- Face Slapper
✔ Choose from 4 different game modes
- Match up mode which allows you to play online real-time battles against the super babies throughout the world!
- Arcade mode where you can obtain experience from endless enemies!
- Challenge mode for challenging better record!- Training mode where you can train to become the world’s strongest baby!
✔ You can make your own super baby with various characters and costumes
- Total 6 super baby characters
- 300 various costumes
✔ Support battles with Bluetooth! You can have quick match with a friend beside you even if there’s no network!
✔ Exciting missions and great rewards!
✔ Ranking system!
✔ Links to the Facebook!


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