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(Games) Ninja Feet of Fury : Final Ninja Test

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Ninja Feet of Fury is a 3D runner game that resembles other games of its kind. This time, you get to play as a ninja. Ninja feet of fury is a must have game for android lovers out there who just want to play ninja.

Ninja Feet of Fury apk

With it's awesome 3D graphics, this game has an advantage and a wow factor on how it looks. Vivid colors and well created backgrounds not only enhances ones field of view, but also enhances one's enjoyment in playing the game.

You get to play as a ninja on a quest to complete his final test. What you need to do is to run across the bamboo forest and avoid obstacles that is scattered along the way. 


Game looks and behaves like predecessor games like temple run, agent dash, panda run etc.. The only difference is the new look this one give you.

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- Let you inner ninja come out.
- Timing does matter - earn bonus multipliers based off timing
- Dodge, duck, and jump over obstacles
- Integrated tap ability – use tap to swing and wall-run over dangerous spike pits
- Multiple characters – Unlock different ninjas
- Variety of Power-ups – these abilities help you get past obstacles and boost your score
- Facebook integration – out run your friends scores and let them know you rock
- Twitter and Facebook support – out run your friends scores and let them know you rock



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