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(Games) Shrek Kart Racing HD

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Once upon a time... Shrek and his friends are on a quest: becoming the fastest driver in Kart United! Run your own fairy tale ending to the wheel of a go-kart custom for each character and try to win Ye Grand tournament.

 Explore the places of interest and secret shortcuts throughout the Kingdom, the House of Shrek in the swamp of the compound sacred Worcestershire high streets palm far Far Away. Challenge your friends to eat multiplayer modes dust and sand!


 Anything goes (and) in this story twisted tournament, special abilities and powers are part of the arsenal. The fall of the cow who jumped over the Moon, donkey, Puss in aluminum boots with an aspect of Kart pumpkin and Gingy blast from the past with large ogro-octano gas. But remember: only 1st place live happily thereafter!
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How to play Shrek Kart HD 3D-Android HD Racing Games apk

* 15 tracks (12 Speedways Arenas and 3): beautiful 3D environments from throughout the Kingdom, the House of Shrek in the swamp of streets palm by far Far Away.

* More than 10 characters: Shrek, donkey, Fiona, ogre triplets, the cat in boots, Gingy, 3 little pigs, Pinocchio, Wolf and the ghost of Lord Farquaad!

* 4 Single-player modes: modes single race, tournament, challenges, and sand

LOCAL MULTIPLAYER *: challenge your friends to eat dust via Wi-Fi (with a maximum of 6 players) and Bluetooth (2 players)!

* THOUSANDS of RACING fun with 19 cups in tournament mode and 72 challenges they face.

* 10 KARTS only: each character has their own custom built vehicle, each with special abilities and different characteristics.

* 11 offensive and defensive power-ups: the fall of the cow that jumped over the moon on an opponent or scare against angry bees to clean the screen with your finger!


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Anonymous said... data..and cant open.....

Anonymous said...

plz do some help for me ....install z archiver in android divice and compress data in 7z format then upload it is save my time and money...plz.

julie duran said...

will do nxt time. have problems with wifi// hehe. you can download yourselves though. install chainfire, tick reduce texture quality and use nvidia plugin