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(Games) Range of the Dead : Shoot em Zombies

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        Range of the Dead is a first person shooting game that lets you blast away zombies in a fun way. Originally working for armv7 phones but was now ported to work for armv6. Well, zombiepocalypse is becoming a craze this days.

Range of the Dead apk

You get to play as Allen C. Tyler, from the same Lab of the dead game. Now that he is out of the Lab, he needs to go to a place called Senoia. You need to guide him and shoot your way towards the town.

You need to aim your rifles at the damned and shoot them at a safe distance. There are many factors you need to consider while playing this game. Factors like game wind, gravity and distance.


- First person shooter display
- Chance to choose rifles
- 6 game modes to choose from
- Difficulty level close to realistic

This game requires accuracy skills and good decision making. You don't want to end up being fast food for this dead peeps running around.

Have fun guys!


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