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(Games) Deadly Chambers HD for Galaxy Y

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Deadly Chambers is one of the best shooting games on the android market today. With stunning HD graphics, youll surely enjoy this game on your galaxy y!

What does it offer:

5 Levels
10 Enemy Chars
18 Weapons
4 Difficulties

Multitouch for 2.0+ devices.

Controls: In OTS (normal) mode, use center on-screen button to move forward, back and turn left and right. Press the curved controls to the sides for strafe. In FPS mode, center square is free-look and edge buttons will move.

Deadly Chambers HD

Deadly Chambers HD

Overall this game is fun and exciting to play. With weapons and levels to unlock, it's no wonder why it is a big hit on the market today. Stunning 3d/hd graphics, shoot your way through the bosses and win the game!

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