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(Games) Max Payne for Android Finally Released : Play on Galaxy Y

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This popular 3rd person shooter from rockstar games was finally ported over to android devices just this June! Well it's made it's way to our phone's as well.

You will need to install and use chainfire 3d to play this game. Just tick on reduce texture quality and plugin will be Qualcomm.

This game features the mobile version. This game has high resulotion HD graphics and supports customable controls to fit your desired controlpad.

Just download the game here on iplaygalaxyy for free!

Max Payne for Android

Max Payne for Android

Max Payne for Android

Features: Max Payne Game
1. Max Payne’s signature shootings Bullet time slow Motion
2. In a stunning accuracy, high-definition resolution and texture quality
3. Resolution of the retina consistent with the new iPad
4. Gameplay adapted for touchscreen devices
5. Highly customizable controls
6. Several methods for
7. Rockstar Games Social Club continue the integration of statistics and unlock more tricks

Get to enjoy the same concepts as on the PC version. What more can you ask for for this android game! Really Cool

Download the game here
Please unlock by taking survey


Download apk for qvga
Download DATA

Happy? Well do comment.

What do you know, Max Payne is on the android market too! Check it out!


5 (mga) puna:

Anonymous said...

For galaxy y???

julie duran said...

unfortunately not yet moded for y..

julie duran said...

posted link for qvga device including data files. tested on mini but not on y. just try it on y

Ilyas Ahmed said...

Not working on galaxy y i tried chainfire but still not working please help

Anonymous said...

yes tried it too.. but i heard this game can also be played on pc right? I downloaded your tools for pc to run this android game on my pc.. loving it. thanks admin