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(Apps) 91 iHome Launcher compatible for Galaxy Y

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This is a replacement home launcher that is compatible with galaxy y. Fast, clean and never force closes. Icons are somewhat similar to iphone. This launcher is packed with customized themes that are highly detailed and are beautiful to look at.

91 iHome Launcher

This is similar to Espier launcher but the icons are not that large enough. Overall this is a very good launcher that you could use to replace your default launcher on your phone. Just install this and enjoy.


91 iHome Launcher

91 iHome Launcher

91 iHome Launcher



1. iHome - Unique Themes——Change your themes at will
A full collection of customized themes ready for download
2. iHome - Full App Management——Your Applications, you control
Drag and drop an App icon onto another one to create new folder.
3. iHome - Amazing Effects——Special effects at your finger tips
Customize your desktop with 3D flipping and rotation effects.
4. iHome – Love Life——Various widgets (weather, Cleaner, System Switch…)
5. iHome - Updates——Constant updates to improve user experience.

how to use:
1. install like any other normal app
2. just press home button and select it when it pops out
3. if you want to set this as your default home launcher then you may, to unset as default just go to settings and manage applications, select the app and under there should be an option to remove it as default launcher.



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