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(Fonts) RoseMary Font from Galaxy SIII

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This is a font that is extracted from galaxy SIII. You can place it on your galaxy y to change the font on your galaxy y to the font that is on Galasy S3

 RoseMary Font

This is a simple and not so hard to read font. See example pic from above. If you want to change your font to this font then simply follow the instructions I will be giving to you. You don't need to download font changer app since you need to do this manually on your phone.

You will need a rooted phone to do this. And you will need also root explorer that you can download from apps page on this site.

I advice you to please read terms and conditions before installing this

1. Download root explorer
2. download font here : DOWNLOAD (this is a zip file. DO NOT FLASH)
3. extract the zip and copy the 3 files to system/fonts and change permission to the usual rw-r-r on each of the files

Reboot the phone and enjoy!


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