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(Bootanimation) CyanogenMod 10 v2 bootanimation

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Another version of cyanogenmod 10 bootanimation for galaxy y.
Cyanogen is really cool!! Why not integrate some on your phone to make your phone cool too.

CyanogenMod 10 v2 bootanimation

I love cyanogen, and I know pretty soon we will have a working cyanogen rom with no bugs on our cellphone. It's pretty close right now... Just a little waiting to do. 

Here's what it will look like:

CyanogenMod 10 v2 bootanimation

Rename file to

Always make backup of original

How to install:
1. use app called root explorer (download on app page)
move renamed zip to system/media
2. overwrite things
3. set permissions to rw-r-r

reboot and enjoy.


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