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(Games) Highway Rider apk : Ride as fast as you can! for Armv6 devices

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Highway rider is now here on android!

Highway Rider

Now on available for android device. A game for speed demons and racers alike, this game will surely give you a high dose of heart pumping adrenaline rush.

How do you play this game?

This game uses tilt, so it's really easy to play. You just tilt your device to control the motorcycle as it runs through traffic. You need to dodge traffic though to avoid crashes. Dodge the nearest vehicles and try to pass closely to give you scores. Customize your riders to give it a nice touch.

Game offers crash capture. For you to be able to capture memorable crashes.

Use chainfire to play the game: reduce texture quality and size and plugin powervr
Have fun with the game. More screenshots below

Highway Rider

Highway Rider

Highway Rider


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