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(Games) Counter Strike Offline on SGY (UPDATED)

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Asked yourself if you can play counter strike on your galaxy y phone? Well here's the answer to that : YES!
There were quite a few attempts to have the exact game ported from PC to android and I have gotten an apk file for this.

Counter Strike Offline

I did not actually test this game since I lend my phone to my friend so I need testers to test the game. Feedback from my friend says it worked on his but there were some issues on the controls.

Feel free to download

Counter Strike Offline

Counter Strike is one of the most played online multiplayer games ever and now it’s also available for your Android device. If you’re a huge fan of the game and play it all the time, this news will definitely make you happy. Especially if you also own an Android phone, as you can now play the game some more on your mobile device.

Uncovered counterstrike 1.6, Test this game guys


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