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(Games) [Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D : Defend from Alien Bugs!

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What will it take to defend against alien bugs that are eager to destroy the human race?
Defend the end of the earth from evil bug aliens attack!

[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D

Play the game and get coins as many as possible when playing game, and upgrade your weapons. Help the humans to defeat the alien bugs.

Game Features:

- Splendid 3D Graphics
Smooth moving and detailed portraits. You can see tiny things from aliens and people.
Mind – blowing action and majestic sound
Simple! With speed and delicate control!
15 weapons and various items!
Main weapons are from electric shock to nuclear bombs
Real – time supported items and equipment for people
Breathtaking attack from aliens wave!
Never get tired of invasion from aliens!
A giant boss may be intelligent , superior A.I

Game Tip
In case, you shot human, they will go slow and yell.
Challenge Veteran Level when you all cleared Rookie Level
Challenge mode will open after clearing 5 stages!
If you feel the game is difficult, Use instant items!
What the doctor said is very important! But’s just nothing…
* Caution! Don’t be careless! Just aliens are cute! *

[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D

[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D

[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D

[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D


Game Missions
- Normal Mission : Defense human from enemies attack for waves!!
- Bombing Mission : Defense human until bombers arriving.
- Boss Mision : A giant Boss! An Intelligent Boss! Kill them All!!!

Item(Cargo Planes drop the items with parachutes for sometimes)
- Stun : Aliens can’t act for a while
- Medical Kit : Human’s stamina gets better
- Power Up! : All weapons power increased by 30%
- Full ammo : Fill up the bullet of all weapons

Have FUN!.


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