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(Games) Burning Tires : 3D Racing Game

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This is a 3D game developed by Fishlabs which is respected in 3D gaming. Game is playable on our little phone even without chainfire. Just play the game as usual and enjoy.

Burning Tires

Game has good graphic visuals, Solid and beyond average. Game needs expert handlers to guide cars along the crazy roads. Similar to hot wheels. Recommended for addict gamers all over the world!



Burning Tires

Burning Tires


-2 options of controlling your ride first 1 is by "accelerometer" and by "pressing left and right button"
-Make sure to calibrate your phone in which you can control it easily
-I prefer to use the button type


-4 cars
-4 stages
-Classic racing game similar to Hot Wheels

You can play this game if your phone is rooted or not. It doesn't really matter at all. You can choose to have chainfire or no.. Just experiment.


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