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(Apps) App Locker II PRO apk : Protect your app from unauthorized usage

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Do you need to protect your apps from unauthorized use? This is the app for you. App locker is one of the most trusted apps that can do the job for you!!!

App Locker II PRO apk

App locker II PRO version is now available for download. With just one touch and your app will be protected and in any way inaccessible unless unlocked. If you have the free version, just uninstall it first and install this premium version.

How does this app work?
When you open the app, it actually displays an error message that says the app has crashed. People who don't know how this work will simply ignore your protected app and thus avoiding them opening it again.

Here is how it looks like when crashing

App Locker II PRO apk

Feel free to download the app and protect your files!

(Unzip the file using root explorer or any app that extracts compressed files).

Lock and unlock apps without a trace!!!


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