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(Games) Ninja Hoodie HD apk : for Armv6 Devices

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A young ninja strikes against evil in Ink Vial’s first game ever. Introducing Ninja Hoodie with stylized 3D graphics, an intense, fast-paced Shuriken shooting action game that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.

Ninja Hoodie apk

Play the game as Ninja Hoodie across many unique environments and boss battles, unfolding the first series of the story by playing the game and reading through the comic cut scenes. Awaken the ninja within you!

-tick reduce quality
-reduce size
-use qualcomm
- play game in airplane mode


Ninja Hoodie apk

Ninja Hoodie apk

Ninja Hoodie apk

Product Features:
Smooth game play across 4 unique levels
Epic boss battles and enemy classes to keep you challenged
Comic-style experience, combined with new game play
Intense and fast-paced shooting action game
Exclusive music tracks in each level to keep you immersed
Seamless saving system, allowing you to get back into the action where you left off
Global leaderboards for the elite who want their name known throughout the ninja world

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Oasis said...

not working its shows Amazon apps store not installed nd after I install the appstore it shows some kind of error occur ....plz help. also I tried to patch with lucky patcher still not working