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(Apps) [ROOT] Beats Audio™ Installer

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This is a downloadable version to install the beats audio driver on the galaxy y device.
Beats Audio is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable and fantastic headphone sets in the world today.

[ROOT] Beats Audio™ Installer

This is fully working on Galaxy y of course and will not cause any issues. If you have DSP installed on your device, uninstall it first since it will force close or make your sounds really bad.

Just install this on your galaxy y, and you need to have root access before you install.
This will boost high tones and low tones on your device. Meaning, it will make you bass much bassier and your treble much treblier, lol.

[ROOT] Beats Audio™ Installer

Download here.

Have fun on this tweak, you can also download the flashable version on tweaks page.


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