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(Games) (FAQ) Ragnarok Online The Rebellion of Valkyrie : What you need to do (UPDATED)

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I am posting this so that you will be updated about the ragnarok online mobile version (the rebellion of valkyrie) edition.

Ragnarok Online The Rebellion of Valkyrie

Since I have posted the link to download the game before, I will be updating you about it so that you can connect to the latest servers and answer most of the frequent questions asked about this game.

1. Where is the first post on this site?

go here:
from original : LINK

2. Is there a latest patch? (uninstall previous version and install
For the latest update : LINK
Here is the english patch : LINK
BETA (if you want dual log-in) : LINK
if you have iOS (iPhone, iPad) : go here : LINK iPA download

3. Latest updates forum (so that you will be updated)

4. Why does game always force close?
For the latest version, gamecih or gameguardian is not compatible (it causes the FC).

5. Why can't I register?
Some phone models have bugs on it, I suggest to go to their project site or use another phone to do it.

6. What servers can I play on?

- Valhalla
- Mimir / Mimil
- Asgard
- Poring (here most of us non korean play on)
- Tibas / Tivas (new)
- Alpheim/Alfheim

7. What are the game classes, and is there a 2nd job?
no second job and game classes are Mage, Swordsman, Acolyte

8. Why am I always "overweight"?
this is based on item storage, you will start 8 slots and a small bag. If you use the small bag, storage item will extend to 4. If you have a quest, auctioneer will need 300-1000 zeny. Kafra 8 slot storage is worth 10k Zeny.

9. Tips?
Starting quest tips

[west gate]

5x Poring
5x Ohpwaring
15x Ohpwaring
10x Lunatik
5x Red Flower (drop)
3x R. No. Lunatik (drop)
1x Wangporing
25x Posion Spore (quest named "easy" south gate, do it later)
10x R. No. Lunatik
7x Lunatik G. (drop)
10x Lunatik G.
1x Eclipse

[south gate]

25x Posion Spore (quest named "easy")
20x Posion Spore
go more to south (but do it later)

[north gate]

20x Daltokki
5x Poringring (drop)
5x Daltokki (drop)
1x Enjelring

[south gate]

find merchant
15x Wolf
20x Running Flower


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Anonymous said...

Is this the latest patch?

julie duran said...

yes, i will be updating it often now